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Rule #1: Cardio


Veteran, of a foreign war and of single parenthood. Cubicle dweller, runner of foot races, soccer fan, enjoyer of life.

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  1. Getting it done

    Good times this week. Got my push workout in early in the week, 30 minutes on the elliptical Tuesday, a grueling leg day yesterday, then 30 minutes on the stationary bike after work. The weather was amazing today so I ran for half an hour around the lake. Tomorrow is my pull work
  2. Happy Tuesday.

    I had a great workout yesterday. Mostly core work, which has left me slightly sore today. I put off my lunchtime training until now, just wasn’t feeling it. So I’m about to pop onto the elliptical for a half hour or so and put Columbo on for entertainment. I really enjoy watching
  3. Sunday nights are hard

    I’ve had such a lovely weekend, I just don’t want it to end. Friday was so good, I loved the movie and had a great time seeing friends I hadn’t in a long while. Saturday was the OL Reign match which they won 3-0 and I loved being there in the stadium with people I enjoy. Today wa
  4. Happy Friday!

    Today is a good day. Seattle saw fit to allow the large ball of fire in the sky to be visible to us poor schlubs who choose to live here. I had a great workout this morning; lots of dumbbells, single leg deadlifts, chest flies, and so much more. I had stayed in bed too long this
  5. Goings on

    It’s been a minute since I posted anything here. I’ve been a bit busy finishing my accounting degree and planning graduation. I’m very excited since this is the first time I’ve formally graduated anything civilian since 8th grade. Military schools have never counted in my opinion
  6. Back on the horse

    It took a couple of days to recover from the colonoscopy. I spent 48 hours basically fasting, broth doesn’t really count in my opinion. The procedure was Friday afternoon, so by the time I got to eat solid food it was a full 48 hours since the bland bowl of chicken and rice Wedne
  7. Self care

    I had another wonderful leg day yesterday. Today is maintenance run day, and I’m going to do it, but I’m not going to work too hard, and it’s going to be on the elliptical. I’m on a liquid only diet, because I have colonoscopy #2 tomorrow, since my sister’s cancer diagnosis. A go
  8. Doing the work, and now reading all the books.

    I’m so bad about keeping up with posting. Today was leg day, and it was fab. All body weight exercises today, no dumbbells, kettlebells, or trap bar. Lots of different types of squats, some wall sits, and some jumping jacks among other things. Every day I feel stronger. And I set
  9. I spent a week at Disney World celebrating my academic achievement, and completing an athletic achievement. I ran the 5k, 10k, and half marathon for Princess weekend, earning 3 race medals and a challenge medal. It was a lot of fun. Even better, I did it alone. No one else to try
  10. So on Sunday I officially finished my degree plan. I’m done. Soon I’ll get my diploma and transcripts in the mail, and then I’ll start thinking about getting my Master’s in public administration. Maybe. I’m so tired. In the meantime I’m going out to the movies tomorrow night for
  11. I ended up taking two rest days this weekend. I was supposed to run 4 miles on Sunday, but after spending the day at National Guard drill, a two hour drive home, and a stop at the grocery store, I was in no mood. I don’t like to run outside in the dark due to a recent high incide
  12. Rest day!

    After 12 straight days of workouts, I’ve finally made it to rest day. I checked into my hotel Thursday evening and settled in for the weekend. I brought a few dumbbells with me for Friday’s workout, because I wasn’t sure if the hotel gym had weights or just ellipticals and bikes
  13. DOMS is not over yet!

    Working on new muscle groups this week means being sore in different places! Yay! My triceps are feeling it today after a really good arm workout Monday which included French presses with a 15lb weight. My glutes are also having a moment after a boatload of bodyweight and dumbbel
  14. It was a good week.

    At the end of the first week my hamstrings are a bit sore, along with my biceps. Other than that my body feels great. My shoulder pain improves daily. Yesterday the physical therapist gave me a couple of new exercises to catch my left arm up with my right and said I don’t need hi
  15. Food and exercise blogging is kinda fun.

    Killing it with the new workout program. I started the the new plan on Monday with a full body workout. Trap bar deadlifts and shrugs, kettlebell deadlifts and swings, runner touches and wall sits, an
  16. Ouch

    Physical Therapy hurts. But I can tell it’s working. I may feel like I’m going to pull my shoulder out of the socket, but it’s really stretching and putting everything back where it belongs. Monday I
  17. Today is a beautiful sunny day in Seattle. I walked to the grocery store for some produce for meals this week, and had Lady Marmalade playing over and over in my head on the walk. So I came home and p
  18. Food blog time

    I skipped my run today because it was raining and I slept like crap last night, so just didn’t have it in me. I might pop on the elliptical before bed, but after work I was starving so I made a gnocch
  19. Healthy stuff

    It’s raining hard for Seattle, so I decided to stay in for today’s 4 miles. The gym I installed in my second bedroom was the best investment I’ve made in myself in a long time. Before I would have jus
  20. Argh.

    I thought there was supposed to be an edit button on post? There’s nothing that I hate more than rereading an entry and seeing a bunch of typos and grammatical errors.

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