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As an institutional investor in a medical rehabilitation center, I have extensive experience and expertise and can effectively manage investment projects. My work experience makes me familiar with market conditions and supply chains, and I can accurately analyze market trends and formulate reasonable investment strategies. I have participated in the negotiation and contract signing of multiple projects, conducting difficult bargaining with suppliers to obtain the most favorable terms of cooperation. My negotiation skills and communication skills allow me to reach consensus with all parties and ensure the normal operation of the project. 2023. During this year, I worked with friends to build 4 small and medium-sized medical rehabilitation centers.

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  1. Freedom is always what everyone pursues.
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    How do you build trust and respect with your colleagues in a work environment? 1. Be frank and honest with each other 2. Fulfill commitments 3. Respect others 4. Follow others 5. Be aware of the impact your actions have on others 6. Remain calm and composed 7. Build trusting relationshi

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