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Veteran journalist, computer game designer, tech dabbler, husband, and father of two. Discord:

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  1. FUTURE SPACE: Are you caught up on the latest posts about #roleplaying hooks and tips on my Patreon? #storytelling #muds #mushes
  2. Narrator: “Missed it by THAT much!”
  3. Pulled out some really old short stories to re-work into something new. Starting with a piece I wrote 30+ years ago at Valencia Community College. Good bones, but clearly written by a kid without much
  4. HiRISE 3D: Small Buttes and Dunes in Meridiani Planum Our goal is to construct a digital terrain model for dunes detected to be active in earlier and later images. NASA/JPL-Caltech/UArizona
  5. For Christmas, I’ll be making one of these delicious cheeseberry pies.
  6. Time for a fresh start!

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