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  1. Trust Issues

    I have trust issues. I’m sensitive to the word trust. It’s a slippery word. Etta James beautifully sings, “Love will see us through, if only you trust in me,” and I hear alarms. If someone says, “Trust me,” I take it as a warning I shouldn't trust them. I feel manipulated when told
  2. We Are Little Stars

    “We are made of stars,” sings Moby. We know enough about the history of the universe and the creation of elements to accept that the physical substances comprising humans were born in stars shortly after the Big Bang. Stars and the universe’s expansion are how we got here, and by
  3. Good Grief

    Most everyone will do anything to avoid grieving. Grief asks, “Are you willing to pay the price for a new life?” “Um, how soon can I return to my old one?” Grief Is the unattended part of a relationship. When we experience a death or loss, our projections onto that person - what th
  4. Show Me Love and Other Antidotes

    How did things get so bad so fast? I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Time, change, and darkness have sped up astronomically in my lifetime. But when did the rapid descent begin? 1963? 1968? 1974? 1980? 1993? 2001? 2007? 2016? 2020? Yes, there are tipping points, even as I try to a
  5. Wish You Were Here

    A postcard from far away doubling as a reality check, Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here is the most affecting song in their catalog. Dualities throughout the song match the here/not here of the refrain. David Gilmour sings of all the senses while testing one's ability to be grounded
  6. Rock and Roll Preacher & Steward of the Mysteries of God

    “Why did you become a pastor anyway?” To better lives and the world. I’d won a state championship in speech, and being a preacher was a natural career choice. I needed to make sense of the multigenerational forces of Christianity on all sides of my family and create my way forward. I
  7. Tapestries, Quilts & Curtains

    Tapestry is Carole King’s image of her life. The threads are wondrous and magical, then sad and dark. They’re impossible to hold yet unravel with age. Her tapestry contains an inner masculine figure who represents fate. A patchwork quilt has been my image. A piece from Mom, anothe
  8. Police on My Back

    “Shit, it’s the cops, get down!” I learned many lessons that chilly October night in 1986. If you’re home past midnight after having a fun time, stay home; nothing good ever comes from going out again. When your buddy says, “Hey, let’s go climbing!” don’t choose a billboard on
  9. Christian Nationalism

    Jesus didn’t say to his followers, “You should do what I chose not to do, establish a kingdom in my name.” He also didn’t say, “Do what I didn’t have the stomach to do,” or “Finish the job.” He said, “My reign (trans: kingdom) is not of this world.” As a consequence, every followe
  10. This week is my third transgender anniversary. I often feel I have to defend, justify, and explain my gender identity, expression, and body. I can’t say enough about it, however, if, as Spoon sings, “[You] don’t wanna know ‘bout something that you don’t understand.” It makes sense
  11. To which stories do you belong? Do you know a story of comfort in sorrow? What stories live in you? As a child, we learned the myth of George Washington and the Cherry Tree. Little George felled the tree and, when questioned by his father, responded, “I cannot tell a lie.” Paired wi
  12. Changes

    Fifty years ago, David Bowie sang of youth and cultural change. Children, Bowie says, always look around at the state of their world and seek change and adaptation, only to be shamed by adults. Dr. Murray Bowen sought to create a science of human behavior. One facet of his theory
  13. Sharing the secrets of life is dangerous. We all know them but collude in keeping them hidden. Life is beautifully complex and constantly evolving, yet simultaneously painful, perverse, and, yes, dirty. We celebrate the light and quietly suffer the dark alone. Lenny Bruce was a fo
  14. Procol Harum’s A Whiter Shade of Pale endures with its evocative metaphors and Bach-inspired organ melody. It fascinated me when I heard it in movies as a teen, and I acquired my first recording on the soundtrack to The Big Chill . There are varying interpretations of its images, f
  15. Joy is a gift, the second of Paul’s Gifts of the Spirit. Yesterday was joyous. I celebrated Easter with my spouse, adult children, and their partners. I laughed spontaneously at my son’s dinner prayer. They all greeted me with love on Transgender Day of Visibility and ate heartil
  16. International Transgender Day of Visibility 🏳️‍⚧️
  17. Someday Girl

    Awakened, I sat up in bed. What is this rush of sound? Who is this singer? They’re hurrying to get someplace, and their life depends on it. Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run came into my life that night when I was 12. We’ve been in a relationship ever since. A year went by before I
  18. Holy Saturday

    To grieve is to die, too. We participate in the loss by dropping into our depths. We are buried. Mourning is a descent into hell. No wonder we avoid it, dispense with it, get back to normal, or create a new normal as quickly as possible. Yes, grief is awful. It becomes a permanent
  19. The Soulful Symbolism of Pink Moon

    The April full moon is the Pink Moon. T. S. Eliot declares in The Waste Land , “April is the cruelest month.” How is April cruel? The circle of life begins anew, and we know how it ends. Nick Drake’s song, Pink Moon , is about death. “And none of you stand so tall. Pink Moon gonna
  20. Love, Love, Love

    Whenever I type on my phone, love and live appear interchangeably. That’s how close I and O are on the keyboard and how live and love are to humans. “Love is all you need,” The Beatles sing. It seems simple, but it’s complicated, isn’t it? Today is Maundy Thursday, or Holy Thursda

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