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  1. Two Individuals Plead Guilty To Insider Trading Scheme Based On SPAC Merger With Trump Media & Technology Group

    Michael Shvartsman and Gerald Shvartsman made over $22 million in illegal profits by trading in advance of DWAC Trump Media merger announcement #Trump #TrumpMedia #DWAC #Shvartsman #InsiderTrading
  2. Russian-American Anton Postolnikov loaned Trump Media $8 million in 2022 - new story adds more info

    Exclusive: Trump Media was saved in 2022 by Russian-American under criminal investigation Trump’s social media company went public relying partly on loans from trust managed by person of interest to prosecutors Last year Hugo Lowell at the Guardian reported on two loans to Trump Me
  3. NEW: Jared Kushner's Affinity Partners filed a new investment advisor public disclosure form with some minor updates and showing $50 million less in regulatory assets under management than last year. Affinity Partners aka A Fin Management still has approx $3 billion under managem
  4. Trump turns to his ‘old cast’ to raise millions for 2024 and his legal bills

    Donald Trump is turning to a group of wealthy fundraisers who have been loyal to him for years to help raise money for his campaign and assist in paying his legal bills. “It’s the old cast coming back together to take it across the finish line,” said an an advisor to one of Trump’
  5. Trump Media will trade on Nasdaq on Tuesday under the stock symbol DJT

    Trump has 79 million shares of Trump Media (60% of the stock) and owns a separate class of shares that gives him 55% voting power Trump's shares could be valued at up to $3 billion Trump Media will have immediate access to more than $300 million #Trump #TrumpMedia #DWAC #DJT
  6. For coverage on Trump $, oligarchs and shady financial networks subscribe to

    I've been following Trump $ for years - his OGE filings, real estate deals, loans, NYAG fraud case, DWAC and Trump Media & Technology Group merger, etc Subscribe for emails when I publish, all content is free and donate to support this ongoing work here:
  7. The merger of Trump's media company and DWAC was approved and may trade next week under the stock symbol DJT

    The deal will pump $300 million into Trump Media and support Truth Social Trump’s stake could be worth up to $3 billion #Trump #TrumpMedia #TMTG #DJT #DWAC
  8. Attorney General Prepares to Seize Trump’s Massive New York Estate

    Letitia James has effectively put a “blanket lien” on his sprawling, 212-acre property north of NYC In Westchester the NYAG has placed liens on properties belonging to Trump, Don Jr, Eric, Trump Org and 2 corp entities - if Trump tries to sell any Westchester property a title sear
  9. How will Trump pay over half a billion in penalties? I looked at NYAG case exhibits on his cash from 2013-2021 to reveal new insights, info & questions

    Trump has over half a billion dollars in legal penalties The media keeps asking how he'll pay - but few have looked into exhibits from the NYAG fraud case with detailed and revealing info on Trump's past cash balances. So I did. I compiled data on Trump's cash/short term investment
  10. Trump wants Paul Manafort - a convicted felon with Russia ties - back as an advisor and fundraiser

    Convicted felon Paul Manafort passed campaign polling data to his business partner Konstantin Kilimnik who has ties to Russian Intelligence and is wanted by the FBI Per multiple sources Trump wants Manafort back as a campaign advisor and fundraiser
  11. Jared Kushner’s Firm Eyes Billion-Dollar Deals in the Balkans

    Kushner's Miami-based Affinity Partners plans to transform Albania’s Sazan Island into a luxury Aman branded eco-resort community Kushner researched potential deals in the Balkans for his firm Affinity Partners with Ric Grenell and Asher Abehsera Jared Kushner said he was close to
  12. US firm that paid indicted FBI informant is tied to Trump associates, records reveal - Alexander Smirnov was paid $600,000 in 2020 – the same year he allegedly began lying to FBI about Bidens’ role in Ukraine business

    Indicted informant Alexander Smirnov was paid $600,000 by Economic Transformation Technologies/ETT in 2020, the year he allegedly lied to FBI about the Bidens ETT CEO Christopher Condon had UK biz w/Trump-linked Shahal Khan & Farooq Arjomand A wild detail - Shahal Khan is CEO of B
  13. From yesterday's judgment in NYAG civil fraud case total due from Trump & other entities is $464,576,230

    From Trump, Trump Org & other entities $454,156,783.05 (made up of: $234,326,767.10 + $147,249,741.98 + $63,580,273.97) From Don Trump Jr $4,659,175.84 From Eric Trump $4,659,175.84 From Allen Weisselberg $1,101,095.89
  14. New actions by Task Force KleptoCapture ahead of 2nd anniversary of Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine

    The actions include: Andrey Kostin indicted Sergey Kurchenko indicted Feliks Medvedev pleaded guilty in money laundering case Vladislav Osipov superseding indictment
  15. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained two Ukrainian executives suspected of helping Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska embezzle weapons production supplies to Russia The SBU also issued Deripaska a notice of suspicion in absentia. #Deripaska #Russia #RussianOligarch
  16. Breaking: Judge Engoron's orders in the NYAG civil fraud trial vs Trump - Trump liable for $354mil+

    Breaking: Judge Engoron's orders in the NYAG civil fraud trial vs Trump Donald Trump and entities liable for over $354 million: $168,040,168 $126,828,600 $60,000,000 Eric Trump - $4,013,024 Donald Trump Jr. - $4,013,024 Allen Weisselberg - $1,000,000 Trump, Weisselberg and Jeffrey McConn
  17. Manhattan District Attorney case against Trump for falsifying business records related to hush money payments to Stormy Daniels is scheduled for Mar. 25

    Here's my overview from last year: Donald Trump, Michael Cohen and the Stormy Daniels Hush Money Payment: Timeline and Investigation Highlights. Includes links to the indictment and statement of facts. #Trump #MichaelCohen #ManhattanDA #HushMoney #StormyDaniels #TrumpIndictment
  18. GOP’s Star Witness in Hunter Biden Probe Has Ties to Russian Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg

    House Republicans want voters to take Tony Bobulinski’s word over others in Hunter Biden's orbit—but Bobulinski has his own unsavory connections #Bobulinski #HunterBiden #Vekselberg #ViktorVekselberg
  19. The 3 investments made by Jared Kushner's Saudi-backed investment firm and how his for-profit business aligns with a nonprofit he launched in 2021

    NEW: Overview of three investments made by Jared Kushner’s multi-billion-dollar Saudi-backed Affinity Partners and new reporting on how the for-profit firm links to the nonprofit Abraham Accords Peace Institute that was founded by Kushner in 2012. My latest:
  20. The wild probe of investors of DWAC, Trump Media’s proposed merger ally

    Russian born Florida based businessman Anton Postolnikov amassed a huge stake in Digital World - then he sold most of his stake in DWAC days after Trump/DWAC announcement sent stock soaring. Per FBI search warrant he made a profit of $22 million. When Digital World announced its I

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