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Jeremy X. Halpern is the creator of 1-800-Weirdos and host of "Weirdos.TV" ( He has masterminded such epic productions as "Battle of the Dead Celebs", and "Speak of the Devil - A Satanic Cabaret”, and co-directed "Pretençión" at the Elektra Theatre (inside Times Scare). He also served as the musical director for Chris Tanner's "The Etiquette of Death" (which closed LaMama's 50th season) and is the executive producer of the mind-controlled levitation ride (also the World's largest bio-feedback machine), xxxy's "The Ascent" (

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  1. The latest installment of my free technical advice...let me help you keep your data forever! "Back It On Up, Baby... "
  2. Hey I wrote this here 7 months ago… still applies "Sex work, stalking and real doxxing " on Post at
  3. Are you scared of AI?

    #technology #art #Culture Don't be. I've long since grown bored of my artist friends freaking out about AI "stealing their work", and told them all so in no uncertain terms. I assured them I'd still be in their corner if they believed they had a legitimate example of their work be
  4. "Calling on the Zeitgeist" The inflection point has arrived. It's time!
  5. The Audience.

    My main performance venue has been online streaming for the last decade. Initially it seemed disconcerting not to know if the audience was even there; now I know they're always there (just not at the same time I am)...
  6. One of the first "songs" I ever wrote...
  7. "Proud To Be a Weirdo"

    By way of introduction: As the Head Weirdo, advocacy for all the Weirdos out there is a way of life. Join us, and help stamp out " normality " in our lifetimes!
  8. "Facebook, Snapchat"

    You know, folks, I always try new social media sites when I hear about them, and I am not kidding when I tell you all that Post is the very first one I found of any interest at all, and in fact I'm very impressed with it all around. Here's a classic segment from my Weirdos.TV show

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