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  1. It’s so easy to make this correct assessment and decision to remove tfg from the states’ ballots.
  2. Haley Ignores Slavery

    The confederate states wanted to claim the confederate war was about states’ rights but it was truly about slavery and the economic impact of losing slave labor.
  3. By Oliver O'Connell and Alex Woodward Former Republican lawmaker Liz Cheney , one of Donald Trump ’s greatest foes, says while she still believes in her party’s traditional principles, its co-option by the former president is a danger to democracy. She would therefore like the party
  4. NEW: The exodus from Twitter is bleeding beyond just major advertisers. In recent days, a number of prominent media brands have not only paused their paid advertising on the platform, but have stopped posting on it altogether. The flagship accounts belonging to Disney, Paramount, 
  5. The DeSantis Brown Shirts turning Florida into a police state.
  6. This ruling must be appealed. The judge must have been fearing the MAGA base, sadly lacking the courage to rule legitimately.
  7. Insurrection Day

    Releasing modified and out-of-context partial videos is merely propaganda. January 6 was an insurrection by the GOP caused by its MAGA cult leader. There is no other way to understand that sad day.
  8. Painfully accurate #trump #donaldtrump #putinspuppet #russiancollusion #corrupt #fraud #traitor #maga #magamoron #lockhimup
  9. Screwing the voters is not a conservative policy. It’s not even a traditional Republican Party policy. But clearly, the GOP is now being controlled by Trumpian Lilliputians intent on spanking the whole country if it doesn’t do what they want: “You live in my country, so you’ll fo
  10. Ignorant Fool

    He is reported to have never read a book and that in addition to “The Art of the Deal” his only other book he owns is Mein Kampf. No wonder he is the leader of a dangerous cult. Ignorance, narcissism, hatred of others are not traits that make a productive leader.
  11. Hahahahaha!!!!
  12. Well of course. Christian nationalism is an utter rejection of Christianity.
  13. Trump is annoying, bombastic, braggadocious and a prolific, shameless liar. But we must not become numb to his ranting, or let others tune him out. The presidency is too important for that. #Democracy #Politics #Republicans #GOP #ETTD #Election2024 #MAGA #Trump #Cult
  14. And the significant difference is that showing love to your partner is good while accosting and dehumanizing another person is very bad.
  15. Spot on.
  16. I think this judge should have called Dan Quayle.
  17. So, this is happening in Madison Wisconsin. Just another big group of asshole Nazis, most of whom are to afraid to show their faces. Fucking Trump let all these MFers crawl out from under the rocks. And now we have to deal with them.
  18. Antisemitic pastor? Anti gay too.
  19. What a surprise! So disappointing that SCOTUS has become such a sham.

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