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Wayne is a Multi-Medium artist. With brush, pen and scissors an organic sense of engagement is always sought.

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  1. Drella

    #Art #originalart #originalcontent #Text Picasso's name still carries much power, although not for the reasons it formally had. Now, he is an aspiration for people. The imagined life, doing very little but acting as one imagines a famous artists to act via cues from TV and movie
  2. Anniversary of a Close Call #art #photograghy #originalconent #originalart New piece up at my blog.
  3. #art #drawing #originalconent Feb 16th Quick sketch
  4. Anniversary of a Close Call #art #photograghy #originalconent #originalart New piece up at my blog.
  5. Rebel Rock

    #Music #art #originalconent As a point of reference, to say "grew up during" means the decade that one was tween/teen, since these are the formative years. These are the years identities of who we think we are, who we think we should be are first slipped on like that first set o
  6. Quickies

    #Art #text #originalcontet #travel Still deep into working on latest Cinefield® . With studio space at a premium, I am just drawing until it is complete. A few quick sketches. This is a piece from my ongoing series "Media Darlings" which combines photos and text.
  7. #art #drawing #originalcontent I am in the middle of working on one of my collages. Slowly, every surface becomes covered by sheets of tiny cut out pieces of paper. This means that the only visual work I can do is drawing. Here are some quick sketches. Lyra Piece Lyra piece
  8. Quick Sketch
  9. Dear Diary #art #drawing #text #originalcontent

    When I sit in cafes or bars I never take my phone out. One could be open to chatting with whomever, but phone in hand acts like a repellant. Even were no one to start chatting, keeping phone out of the equation at the very least is potential for people watching. I am a life long
  10. Newsprint Quick Sketches II

    #originalcontent #Art #Photography #Drawing Just started on a new and always labor intensive CINEFIELD®. So for visual work, will mainly be drawing until done. Latest batch of quick sketches: If you have never seen it, highly recommend the movie The Long Goodbye Close up of palm. I
  11. Song About a Girl

    #art #painting #photography #originalconent #watercolour This is my first painting of ’24. I am very pleased with it. 11×17 Watercolor on tan paper. As seems to now frequently be the case, the news is bleak. It is the duty for all artists to do their thing. Not put political messa
  12. News Print Paper

    #art #drawing #Originalcontent #Text News Print paper. As an impulse buy, I grabbed a pad of it when stocking up on usual supplies. I have done a drawing a day in it and have been very pleased with results. By coincidence, my starting of the pad coincided with the discovery of am
  13. #art #originalcontent #drawing #politics “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
  14. Sketching

    #art #originalcontet #photograghy I sketch every day, even on days devoted to painting. Not all my postings will be verbose. In lieu of words, here are some of my final sketches of '23. I am wishing a good new year to everyone. this is 3x5 pocket pad First drawing of '24!
  15. Exploration

    #originalcontent #text #art #diary I read all kinds of things. The best artists in any medium explore outside their genre which fosters evolution. The best authors are /were the best readers going far afield from their genre. The New York School of painting, all of them had form
  16. #art #originalconent #drawing Started up on painting again after days of rain. Here is quick lyra piece.
  17. Doodles & Musing

    #art #originalconent If one watches television stateside, the impression is given that if you are not buying electronics, jewelry or a car for those closest to you, then you are doing something wrong. That is how it is done here sir. These are big ticket items and to me, it's a s
  18. #photo #photography #originalcontet The Queen, her advisor & three gentlemen suitors
  19. Dear Diary

    #Art #originalcontent #Photography If you look at some paintings & drawings by both Matisse and Picasso, they are child like. This is not a pejorative term though. When Matisse painted his wife reclining on couch, you knew you were seeing a woman in kimono on couch but one would

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