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  1. A curated collection of beautiful prebuilt gradients using default colors from the Tailwind CSS color palette. Easily copy and paste the class names, CSS or even save the gradients as an image -
  2. By Cliff Lake Text within this block will maintain its original spacing when published
  3. By Anna Cooban, CNN European consumer rights groups have accused Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, of carrying out a “massive” and “illegal” operation of collecting data from hundreds of millions of users in the region. The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), an umbrell
  4. By © AFP 2022 A Chinese tech security firm was able to breach foreign governments, infiltrate social media accounts and hack personal computers, a massive data leak analysed by experts this week has revealed. The trove of documents from I-Soon, a private contractor that competed fo
  5. By Geoff Ziezulewicz A Navy chief is facing espionage and other criminal charges over allegations that he delivered classified information to a foreign contact in 2022 and 2023. Chief Fire Controlman (Aegis) Bryce Steven Pedicini faces eight espionage charge specifications for alle
  6. I've been using ActBlue for at least the last decade and it makes it super easy and secure to donate. My typical donations are anywhere from $2-15, knowing that small donations from a whole lot of people add up quickly. Here's a link to give Sherrod Brown a boost in his critical
  7. @secretarypete on why rail safety measures have stalled one year after East Palestine disaster #PeteButtigieg #EastPalestine #Ohio #railways #TeamPete
  8. By Hannah Rabinowitz, Evan Perez and Marshall Cohen, CNN Special counsel David Weiss charged a former FBI informant with lying about President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s involvement in business dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, undercutting a major
  9. This should get some sunlight. Excerpt: "Because last May, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine flagrantly and openly violated this process. And the law." [multiple link] #DavidPepper #Ohio #GovDeWine @acosta @oliverdarcy @cnn
  10. By Ben Metzner Surprise, surprise: The GOP is being disingenuous about impeachment again. Just a few years after crying foul at the “ witch hunt ” impeachment of then-President Trump (and then crying foul again), Republicans are pursuing the nakedly partisan impeachment of Secretary
  11. By Andrea Blanco Two years before he allegedly killed his five-year-old daughter, Adam Montgomery made an eerie Facebook post about their relationship. Montgomery is standing trial in Manchester, New Hampshire, in connection with Harmony Montgomery’s 7 December 2019 killing . Prosec
  12. By Mario Parker / Bloomberg Donald Trump endorsed his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, to help lead the Republican National Committee, a move that would tighten his hold on the party even as the 2024 nominating contest continues. Trump, in an announcement by his campaign on Monday nigh
  13. #ohio #socialmedia #Judge #Hold "Ohio’s social media parental consent law will remain on hold while a court challenge proceeds. A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction Monday after putting the legislation on hold temporarily a month ago . In his opinion, District Judge Alg
  14. Blood Donation Awareness The world is currently in a national blood shortage, the demand for blood is higher than what is currently available. Me and 3 other high school seniors in Ohio are a part of a group called HOSA where we are bringing awareness to this national crisis. One
  15. By Shreeja Das NEW YOR CITY, NEW YORK: House Republicans unveiled a resolution on February 5 aimed at definitively stating that Donald Trump did not partake in insurrection or rebellion. In a recent statement, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) also appeared to suggest th
  16. The #Florida state Supreme Court is hearing the case on the Abortion Rights Amendment today. The FL GOP AG is trying to remove it from the ballot in November. The MAGA extremists saw what happened in #Ohio .
  17. America has been choked lifeless by Robber Barons. The world is slowly asphyxiating under their grip. And our governments are doing nothing to stop them. Because they fear their wrath. #AmericaInPeril #RobberBarons #EndFascism

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