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  1. Today, the same Republicans who participated in a coup and support an insurrection inciting, classified national security documents stealing traitor, will tweet about “what it means to be an American.” When they clearly have no f’ng idea.
  2. The day before we celebrate our nation's independence, here is further proof that in courtrooms around the country, democracy is on the docket and democracy is winning.
  3. Under Iowa’s Republican Governor, children as young as 14 are now allowed to work in meat coolers & industrial laundries. They can also work until 11pm, which violates federal child labor law. But do go on about how it’s the Democrats who aren’t keeping our kids safe, won’t you.
  4. Trump reportedly showed others documents ON PATIO at Mar-a-Lago, Lindsey Graham booed at cult rally, new details on Trump's attempts to overturn the election, Santos in trouble and more! Watch the MeidasTouch Podcast LIVE at 8p ET/5p PT!
  5. The Republicans in North Carolina should ask Gov. DeSantis how it worked out for him.
  6. On June 23rd, Special Counsel Jack Smith's office filed a motion with Judge Aileen Cannon to continue (delay) the documents trail from August 14th to December 11th (filing linked below). In that filing, the DoJ's reasons for the delay are two-fold: First, to give enough time for t
  7. Come on Posters, let’s get @marcelias above 100K followers!
  8. The Free Speech Absolutist, Elon Musk, has just totally throttled valuable voices on the left. Early this morning, Twitler in Chief Elon Musk announced that he has temporarily limited our ability to communicate and receive news from our preferred sources by restricting unverified
  9. Is there a consensus about whether today is the result of: 1. Musk making a really stupid business decision to limit tweet views. 2. Musk broke Twitter, can't figure out how to fix it and is pretending to have made a really stupid business decision to limit tweet views.

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