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I'm a Travel writer and photographer who spends a half-life in a Tuscan historic territory called "La Lunigiana" and half in California. I don't write for Google's algorithm: for Wandering Italy I seek out stories about living in a different culture that has a decent health care system and food worth eating. Furthermore, I'm old enough to remember the Standard of Living Index, which drove the economy and the politics connected to it. Sign up for our free Italy travel newsletter (

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  1. Monsaraz, Portugal

    #portugal #travel #photography The whitewashed town of Monsaraz, Portugal , is especially beautiful during the golden hour. You should plan to go.
  2. Wandering Portugal

    #portugal #travel #food I've started to revive Wandering Portugal . It's a process of reliving the past adventures on the edge of the continent, and remembering the pleasure of simple things like Queijo do Serra , a magnificant cheese slowly going extinct. Then there are things that
  3. Rome--and a new travel app about northern Tuscany

    #italy #travel #rome #tuscany #lunigiana Since I've last communicated with y'all I've had a great stay in Rome at an apartment styled to be like Italy in the 1950s, when Italy was breaking out of the war, when Rome was THE spot for movies because you couldn't capture its grandeur
  4. A House in the Rural Tuscan Countryside

    #Italy #italytravel We've recently moved to a small city in the Lunigiana, Aulla. We've taken a condo we couldn't pass up. After 20 years in the Italian countryside we're now within a few feet of shopping, the weekly street market, a wine shop and bars. We also won't have a car, b
  5. 7 Interesting Towns on the Italian Riviera

    #italy #ItalianRiviera #travel #photography Everyone knows the Italian Riviera. Fewer know it's a part of Liguria. When you taste the olive oil from the trees on the slopes above, you'll know. There are amazing places along this coast. Besides the yacht harbors I mean. This is a p
  6. Handmade Maps of Italy

    #Italy #travel #maps Maps. The internet brings us many detailed maps of the earth. But like all data, It needs to be sorted to individual needs. Lots of websites depend upon burdensome mapping. I've decided to draw upon my archaeolgical site mapping abilities to distill maps to jus
  7. The Focus on Trains in Italy Newsletter

    #italy #travel #trains Our Latest Wandering Europe Newsletter focuses on what I'm calling the Rail Renaissance in Italy. We're seeing more interest in trains from tourists, new eco-friendly hybrid trains are making their debut on Italian rails, and we have new, detailed rail maps
  8. Umbria by Train

    #Umbria #Italy #travel #Train #Photography Umbria. It's the first place we looked for a home in Italy. After all, we had studied Italian at the University per stranieri which required a stay in Perugia for a month. We never had a moment of boredom. Weekends were full of trips to o
  9. Paradise Found! In Puglia!

    #italy #puglia #travel #writing Through Wandering Italy, I like to direct you to reading about the little places in Italy, the places people don't have time to see. I also like the little victories that go to patient people willing to wait for nature to become itself again. I am g
  10. #france #burgundy #travel Have you been to Tournus, France? I thought not. Well, you should, and here's what you'd see:
  11. Albegna and the Importance of Cultural Interactions

    #italy #liguria #travel #photography #writing Do you interact with the people who live and work in the places you visit? Many travelers, it seems, don't. Even if you don't speak the language perfectly, it's worth the effort. So we were in Albegna. Chances are you haven't heard of i
  12. Oppede Le Vieux in Provence

    #travel #france #photography #provence France is what's on my mind. Mysterious Oppede Le Vieux in the Luberon , a town that's mind-blowingly beautiful in November, when there are more compelling clouds than tourists. But here's the thing: with the quickly growing Fascism movement l
  13. Our Italy Newsletter for June

    #italy #travel Our free Wandering Newsletter went out last week. If you're not subscribed, you might find it interesting. It's mostly Italy this time. And yes, the elite fighting men down there do have 400 Capercaillie Grouse feathers in their caps. Music is part of the program, a
  14. On Paris

    I've been writing about European travel on the web since 1997. I have a house in rural Italy I'm selling to live in an Italian city with a train station and a bar I can hobble to. I've been all over, and yet when I think of the city that influenced me the most, it must be Paris.
  15. Interesting story. You think of all the well-off who bask in the light of Taormina and have to wonder...
  16. San Giuseppe Day | Zeppole

    Tomorrow is San Giuseppe Day in Italy. We will miss it this year because our flight is Tuesday. The day's gastronomic symbol is marked by a pastry called Zeppole. In any case, we will go to the Fivizzano market in a couple of weeks. I'm sure they will have Zeppole at the Bar Ricc
  17. Lerici

    #Italy #t uscany #p hotography #t ravel In about a week we'll start the arduous journey from soggy California to northern Tuscany. It's likely the moment the weather gets warm enough to eat outside, we'll take the short drive to Lerici , a beach town that has a castle and a busy pleas
  18. Garlic in Italy

    #italy #I talianFood #F ood Garlic is an interesting ingredient in Italy. It is used in many dishes, but not in quantities that are overwhelming. Even spaghetti aglio e olio depends upon a cooking method that softens the garlic and sends it a bit into the background. Then there is P
  19. Frenetic Dancing: Pizzica Salento

    #italy #t ravel #d ance #p uglia It is a never-ending job to keep a website as fast on a telephone as Google wants it. So I toil and tinker often, getting nothing done on the content side during these periods, reserved mostly for the cold and snowy parts. One of the pages I've upgrad
  20. Puglia by Train

    Train #Travel in #I taly seems to be in the upswing. It caught me by surprise, but when the interest turned toward trains, I began to make train maps with itineraries you could do without driving. People liked it, sooooo I kept going. The latest is on Puglia, which has great train

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