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  1. The Saka Special #arsenal
  2. gøøøøøøal #arsenal
  3. TRIGGER WARNING - But don’t you dare look away I just saw the police body cam footage of Keenan Anderson’s murder . He was 31. He was a High School English Teacher. He was the one who flagged the killers
  4. #santamonica #oceanpark
  5. marina del rey sunrise
  6. museum of the future
  7. Feral cats in Cairo #cats
  8. Feral cats in Aswan eating Cheetos #cats
  9. Feral cats in Aswan #cats
  10. End of year reflection: I (vastly) underestimated Biden. 🇺🇸💪
  11. Kom Ombo
  12. Elephantine Island
  13. Is That Black Enough for You?!? Thank you, Elvis Mitchell for this great doc. Queuing up my movie playlist for 2023. #movies
  14. Can y’all repost this post to let folks know I’m on this dohicky?

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