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  1. Talent Hiding in Plain Sight

    What's one compliment people have given you your whole life - one that seems odd to you that would be a big deal? Maybe it's even something you're not particularly proud of, or that you feel is a weakness. Do you know why it gets attention? Because it's not common. That's right. Th
  2. Creative Intelligence for Career Transitions

    Have you heard the term Creative Intelligence (CQ) yet? CQ is the synergy generated when you combine Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with Creative Thinking. It's about recognizing, understanding, and managing emotions as a PATHWAY to envisioning possibilities and approaching problems
  3. Do you want to see creative thinking in action? The students in this article show us how creative thinking and applied creativity can solve even the most complex puzzle, like this one in deciphering an ancient scroll that can't be opened. Here's how they leveraged creative thinki
  4. Waiting for inspiration? Create the right environment, and inspiration will find you. Creativity is an active pursuit, not a passive waiting game. #Creativity #CreativeThinking #Inspiration
  5. Last week, two unexpected snow storms (and 1/8" of ice in between) meant my five-year old only went to school a day and a half, and I had to scrap my plans for a long-overdue week of deep thinking work. I talk a good game about how creative thinking can be used throughout your wo
  6. How are your skills in scenario planning? It's not just about preparing for the worst; it's about crafting proactive and positive strategies for multiple turns of events. Developing this skill is a facet of creative thinking. There's immense power in being able to imagine multipl
  7. “Form follows function.” Except when it doesn't.

    In the world of design, the principle “form follows function” suggests that the shape or appearance of something should align with its intended purpose; that the needed use dictates how something looks. This rings true when you think about a chair needing to support your weight, a
  8. From Dark to Light with Creative Thinking

    Yesterday, I wrote about the dark side of creativity, shedding light on the unintended consequences of placing this skill set on a pedestal. In essence, while creativity propels progress, an excessive focus on it can lead to stress, burnout, unproductive outcomes, or cultural dama
  9. There’s a dark side to creativity.

    As someone obsessed with the topic, I want to shine a light on why, like many good things in life, more isn’t always better. I don’t think I’m alone in being enamored by creativity. Every day I read articles and books on the benefits of growing your creative thinking abilities, th
  10. You are Creative.

    Ever found yourself stuck and unable to come up with a creative solution to a sticky problem, overwhelmed by your challenges, or convinced that creativity was an elusive privilege reserved for the special few? Then you'll love this short and FREE course. Instead, imagine unlocking
  11. The narrative around future job skills continues to shift. Matt Candy, global managing partner in generative AI at IBM, highlights a crucial aspect: the importance of language and creative thinking nurtured in liberal arts degrees. What does this mean for the seasoned professional
  12. Nobel Prize-winning economist Christopher Pissarides has issued a resounding caution to the younger generation: reevaluate your educational choices beyond the traditional STEM path. As AI reshapes the job market and the future of work, EMPATHY and CREATIVE THINKING skills stand o
  13. Happy New Year! I'm curious: are you already spinning with expectations and resolutions? That's no way to start a new year. Why not instead take 15 minutes to learn a powerful creative thinking tactic with my NEW COURSE! I'm so excited to finally bring this to you. Register for FRE

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