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Two Lakes

I love my family, reading, exercise and politics. I have lived in 2 red states and 1 blue state and know which one is better. Cancer survivor.

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  1. Vote with your dollar and that will get their attention.
  2. TEXAS.
  3. Stay hopeful and vigilant.
  4. What he said ~
  5. As the myriad of trump’s crimes are paraded out in court and the leaked article about how trump would use the justice department, I have wondered about something. Should trump win the 2024 election, would we really hand power over to him?
  6. There is more than enough evidence to support a theory that the GOP has a problem with pedophiles.
  7. Ron DeSantis says he was a Navy SEAL. He was NOT. He was a lawyer in the Navy, and at one point he was assigned to provide legal support for a SEAL team commander.
  8. The state of Texas had low voter turnout in 2022. Let’s work to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
  9. Marge Sporkfoot lies like most people breathe.
  10. Internet, get to work!
  11. College Board Changes Curriculum to appease Desantis

    @CollegeBoard has submitted AP curriculum that removes much of Black History but includes Black Conservatism as a topic. All to appease desantis. Why would anyone want their child to take this course and pay College Board for the test? This has to be reversed and public pressure
  12. Steve Scully of POTUS

    I’m disappointed in Steve Scully of the POTUS channel today. He made a statement about Dems and Republicans increasing the national debt. This was followed by a quote from traitor Jim Jordan who said that no discussion of the debt ceiling should happen without considering where c
  13. Yesterday I watched the last two episodes of season 5, The Crown and then rolled into Harry and Meghan. While the first is fictionalized, it gives weight to what Harry and Meghan describe.
  14. This is Bo, one of my son and DIL’s new kittens. Have you ever seen a cat sleep like this?
  15. I’ve been struggling a bit this week. I’m on Versenio, an oral chemo med that can have a lot of side effects, as it has for me. My dr reduced my dosage but it also has we wondering about effectiveness
  16. Oh the irony…
  17. Excellent read
  18. This instead?

    If we don’t respond to all of the lies etc the gqp puts out, we can go on the offensive and ask members of congress and their enablers why they don’t create policies that help the American people.

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