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Educator, Musician, Sound As Medicine facilitator, Author, Lyricist.

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  1. The Evolving Voice

    A Journey Through the Ever-Evolving Landscape of Fusion Vocals From the pioneering days of Flora Purim to the groundbreaking artistry of Esperanza Spalding, the world of genre-expanding vocals has witnessed a spectacular transformation over the years. Delve into the past and embrac
  2. Embracing Online Performances

    Dive into this All About Jazz article exploring the transformative power of online streaming for jazz and other genres. "While online streaming cannot replace the unique magic of a live performance, it has revolutionized the jazz industry by expanding the audience, boosting reven
  3. Brazilian Match Recording

    “I showed Millan's songs to my friends all over the planet, and everyone was enchanted by the beauty of the work, fascinated by the compositions. That's why everything sounds so organic and spontaneous. They wanted to participate because of their admiration for Millan's work!” Re
  4. AI Comprehensive List

    Jeff Foster has meticulously compiled a comprehensive list of top AI tools, portals, and apps on ProVideo Coalition. Designed for your convenience, this compilation covers a range of functionalities to enhance your creative content and projects. He's deliberately left out some th
  5. AI Tools: Animation & Music focused on Nature

    AI Tools: Animation with Midjourney & After Effects - (ARTICLE) Crafted with Midjourney AI & Adobe After Effects, our animation delves into the magic of "worlds within worlds" using nature's elements. VIDEO A reminder of life's intricate interconnectivity, from the tiniest bein
  6. Me too…
  7. The cloud, they say, is just someone else's computer.
  8. Exactly... #witchhunt #LockHimUp #JackSmith
  9. Is Andrea Mitchell just a shill for the GOP? WTF? @msnbc #msnbc
  10. Yes it is.
  11. My cat had to remind me that it’s #Caturday and she wasn’t too happy about it. 😂
  12. Just an artichoke turning into a flower. #Nature is amazing. #FlowersonFriday #Flowers
  13. Artichoke #flower on the way. #Nature is always spectacular!
  14. The pessimist complains about the wind; The optimist expects it to change; The realist adjusts the sails ~ William Arthur Ward #nature #life #Reality #hope #ClimateResiliency #climate
  15. No Moon At All

    “The mother says: be gentle with yourself, be kind, life can be hard, but there is so much beauty. no need to push. let the harshness melt out of you. return home to your heart so you can return home to yourself.”~ Jessica Besser #moon #NewMoon #nature #love #music
  16. Keeping my horse cool 😎 n this extreme heat. #CLIMATECCRISIS #horses #protectnature
  17. Worth a listen.
  18. Love this…
  19. Wake the F up people. This affects everyone. #climatechange

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