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Social worker but much more besides. Enjoys theatre, history, cats. Jew.

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  1. Racialised Antisemitism

    I’m currently reading a book about the history of Christian antisemitism and finding it both a useful lesson in Church history and an a compelling learning experience about Jewish history. I studied J
  2. Haiku With Pets #4 Calm, peaceful cats rest in the sunshine right before destroying my stuff #haikuwithpets #petsofpost
  3. Good

    I went to see ‘Good’ yesterday in the West End. It’s a striking play and the central thread running through without ruining the plot is how a man believes he is ‘good’ as he gradually finds himself do
  4. #Freespeech

    Free speech is always subjective. It’s easy to praise the importance of free speech if you never have hate speech or violent speech directed at you or the group you identify with but the boundaries bl
  5. The Best Books of 2022. Our experts pick their top books across sci-fi, historical fiction, romance, nonfiction, history, science, memoir, politics, kids....well, most genres really. #books #2022
  6. Merry Christmas

    I have never celebrated Christmas because I’m Jewish and grew up in an observant household. Christmas was for other people. We had Chanukah, after all which, while a minor holiday in the Jewish faith,
  7. Building community - an ask

    Community needs conversations. It needs reaching out of comfort zones or defined sets of interests to engage with others. That’s what I am finding both interesting and exciting about new social media
  8. Thoughts on new social media spaces

    Making new spaces can be difficult because there are so many of them. As we enter new stages in the development of communication tools - ‘social media’, we are moving from the first iterations - the F
  9. It seems that Post is more a fast following Medium than a Twitter. Some of the features of both but it allows more space for broader thinking than short form. I hope it doesn’t end up like Medium whic
  10. Growing antisemitism

    Greatly disturbed by some pictures I’ve seen of Moroccans in the Netherlands celebrating the World Cup win with both #antisemitism and #homophobia . But this is the end of a long line, or rather, not
  11. World Cup psychic animals with some great pics!
  12. This morning’s snowy walk #london #photography
  13. Another day and another wonderful barrage of new Posties arriving! Here’s a start guide to help answer your first questions. Mostly the answer is “poke around and you’ll figure it out,” but this will
  14. Reflections on social work

    It’s been 22 years since I qualified as a social worker in London and almost all of those years, I’ve worked in and around central London. I’ve seen what happens behind the curtains in living rooms wh
  15. Very early stages of using Post. Like the format and seeing some interesting stuff on my feed but also seen some obsessive antisemitism (reported of course) which is vaguely depressing. I know there’s
  16. Early mornings in Sheffield

    Was away for work this week and because my pain management includes a walk every morning I took some pics of a sleepy early morning Sheffield #photography
  17. Introduction

    Where to start? Trying out Post because there has to be something better to connect than that which already exists but fundamentally I’m more of a listening person than a making declarations person. H

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