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Futurist. Theater director, programmer, author, B...Sh analyst. Former B-school editor, tennis coach, air traffic controller. (Got the gist?)

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  1. I'm noticing an increase in the number of posts in the News feed that require points to access but then have a couple of paragraphs of content followed by a link to the actual article on a paywall site. This bait and switch tactic makes it less likely that I'm going to look at ne
  2. Many "news" articles on require subscriptions to read the actual article.

    What's with all the news articles on that ask for points -- only to find that they are single paragraph lead ins that require purchasing subscriptions? Although the tactic might garner more subscriptions, it also acts as a deterrent to me using for news.
  3. Posties! Is the singular Posty or Postie or, for hipsters, Posti?

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