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I’m a board certified Orthopedic Surgeon and certified coach with 21 years experience in practicing medicine and 10 years experience in coaching. I’ve been chief of surgery and chief of staff at my hospitals. In these capacities, I drove reform of my hospital’s peer review process to make it more uniform and fair, and focused on systemic problems to find solutions and not persecution of individuals. Doctors are extremely dedicated and hardworking. They deserve to be happy and fulfilled in both their chosen profession and in all aspects of their lives. Coaching will challenge you to focus attention and energy on what you really want in your life and guide you to manifest your dreams. Now retired from practicing medicine, I help physicians cultivate a sense of calm and control in their personal and professional lives, as they regain their love for medicine and rekindle their sense of purpose and professional excitement as well as a lifestyle that reflects their values and goals. 🌀 I want to support you to gain mastery of your life, while you clarify and diversify your goals, and learn to actually enjoy the experience. 🌀 Learn more about coaching with me at 🌀 Not ready for coaching but curious about my philosophy? Start here

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  1. Seemingly simple steps. A lifetime of discovery. #physiciancoaching #surgeoncoaching #physicianwellness #surgeonwellness #physiciancoach #orthomastodon
  2. There has been significant improvement since I was in medical school and training, but women having children continues to be a significant challenge to navigate in the medical field. #coaching #physiciancoaching #surgeoncoaching #physicianwellness #surgeonwellness #physiciancoac
  3. In my residency program, post-op X-rays were often used to evaluate the care delivered to patients. Decision-making, procedural, and surgical abilities were judged based on the accuracy of reduction and fixation. When care happened at night, this assessment was done the following
  4. I’m glad that doctors are calling out toxic work environments. And then resigning from them. Time to take our power back. #physiciancoaching #surgeoncoaching #physicianwellness #surgeonwellness #physiciancoach #orthomastodon
  5. This is one of my favorite questions to ask myself. It really helps with to-do lists and staying motivated. It also makes me happy now, because I know I’m taking care of future me #coaching #physiciancoaching #surgeoncoaching #physicianwellness #surgeonwellness #physiciancoach #ph
  6. 33 years ago today I matched in orthopedics in my first choice program. I was beyond overjoyed to reach that goal. But it was nothing compared with the satisfaction of a lifetime spent being in service. #coaching #physiciancoaching #surgeoncoaching #physicianwellness #surgeonwel
  7. I can relate to so many points made in this essay. The joy of listening to music you love. The bittersweet feelings of remembrance of youth when you first heard the songs. And, sadly, the ongoing challenges of being a woman in surgery. “In the daily chaos of the OR where I often
  8. Consistent action toward the direction of who you want to become fuels transformation. #physiciancoaching #surgeoncoaching #physicianwellness #surgeonwellness #physiciancoach #orthomastodon
  9. A timely reminder. We don’t have to do it alone. And life is just BETTER when traveled together. #coaching #physiciancoaching #surgeoncoaching #physicianwellness #surgeonwellness #physiciancoach #physician #surgeon #orthomastodon
  10. Just like the movie. Funny. Sad. Infuriating. “You have to understand,” I said, “We’re fighting against being put in the boxes every day, and at the same time, we’re trying to do our jobs and save lives. It’s exhausting.” #coaching #physiciancoaching #surgeoncoaching #physicianw
  11. All too often, we allow ourselves to play games with rules and definitions of winning set by other people. Frequently without questioning whether that feels like winning to us or if the game is even one we want to play. #coaching #physiciancoaching #surgeoncoaching #physicianwell
  12. How do you want to change the game you’re playing and/or the way you’re playing it? #physiciancoaching #surgeoncoaching #physicianwellness #surgeonwellness #physiciancoach #orthomastodon
  13. One of my favorite movies, and I have A LOT of them that I watch over and over again, is Miracle . This is an account of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team, comprised of amateurs, that managed to defeat the significantly more experienced and dominant Russian team. (This was way back
  14. Bypassing the pain doesn’t make it go away. It just creates a larger sense of separateness in suffering. #physiciancoaching #surgeoncoaching #physicianwellness #surgeonwellness #physiciancoach #orthomastodon
  15. “When time is limited, fatigue is persistent, and working memory is restricted, compassion and kindness are the characteristics that suffer first. Everyone who has been a first-year resident has lived this.” Yet another story about compassion being victim to medical education. Thi
  16. One of the many reasons I love travel is it always helps me put things into perspective. Something about seeing the houses get smaller and smaller after take-off and the vistas along the way flip a switch in my mind from my tiny personal problems to those of the world. What do yo
  17. Let’s talk about resistance. That sneaky bandit of prosperity that can ruin your day at any moment and how to escape its clutches. The Oxford Dictionary defines resistance as the refusal to accept or comply with something. In Star Trek , when the Borg prepares to assimilate a ship
  18. "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." -- Abraham Lincoln, born #OTD 1809
  19. Playing with fire by playing both sides There has been a tendency by several institutions, from the DOJ – AG, down to media and commentators, to try to placate maga and chump, by making mountains out of thin air because of fear! Fear of being seen as being biased and fear of the

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