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Lead Expert Machine Learning and AI at Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation. Sharing news related to Analytics, AI and the engineering supporting both. Views are my own.

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  1. The progression of the computation necessary for #AI training. Note: FLOPS are the number of floating point operations per second (FLoating point Operations Per Second), one PetaFLOPS is 10^15 (one mil
  2. Not convinced it is the whole story - but nice maximalist argument about the impact of AI on programming
  3. Interesting to see what OpenAI sees as promising application areas for Large Language Models … legal texts, video editing, language learning, personal knowledge management
  4. Love that the Metaverse is not on there (and yea, I know, you could see it under AR and VR - but still a more meaningful trend)
  5. #ArtificialIntelligence #AIML #MachineLearning #ChatGPT Opinion piece The New York Times: How to Use ChatGPT and Still Be a Good Person.
  6. what do businesses in different domains see as required technology for the next 5 years? Beautiful study & visualization by McKinsey #technology #ai
  7. Being better than a NIEON at collision avoidance and deriving scenarios from real driving scenes.. #ml #autonomousDriving
  8. Really nice collection by McKinsey - " 2022 the year in charts ", a kind of "best off" from their analysis during 2022. With beautiful charts on trends, health care spends, green business opportunities,
  9. AWS is making great strides with the own Deep Learning inference chips #ml #deepLearning
  10. self-supervised algorithm that works for speech, vision, and text

    interesting new approach to self supervised learning that works for images, text and audio from Meta Much of AI is still based on supervised learning, which works exclusively with labeled data. But it’
  11. Check out this trend in enterprise data management: composable data infrastructure. Something many are striving for, but the term is not yet widely used. Here's a great introductory article with nice
  12. Learned about modal today .. interesting cloud native tool for ML / data workloads … for those of us wondering about the world beyond Docker .. #ml #mlops
  13. Surprising amount of detail on apples car ambitions in this article (such as development locations, cloud costs, own driving silicon… )
  14. nice summary on the status of the debate around chatGPT #ml #ai
  15. Nice summary of gpt3 chat use cases … giving an idea why people are so excited
  16. Usually Data Science is seen as more attractive then Data Engineering… liked this article for making the opposite argument for once

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