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  1. So very sad to see this happen
  2. Hitler didn’t operate the gas chambers himself. But he was responsible. Manson didn’t kill anyone himself. But he was responsible. Bin Laden didn’t fly the planes himself. But he was responsible. Trump didn’t storm the Capitol himself. But he was responsible. Justice matters.
  3. There are basically 5 ways to accumulate a billion dollars: 1) Profiting from a monopoly 2) Insider-trading 3) Political payoffs 4) Fraud 5) Inheritance Don’t believe the self-made myth.
  4. Finally, Jack Smith pushes back at the incompetence and the effort to stack the deck for Trump by Aileen Cannon. May this soon move on to the 11th Circuit.
  5. By JoJoFromJerz Dear Ma & Pa MAGA, Now I know that questions like these are about as interesting to you as a tutorial on gun safety, an explanation of how Easter dates fluctuate year to year and a thesaurus, but you see, I’ve long since stopped giving a fuck, so I’m gonna ask it an
  6. I called and sent an email to the DOJ/FBI
  7. Just a thought: Instead of TikTok, how about we ban assault weapons first?
  8. People think inflation is either "good" or "bad" these days, which largely depends on what things they buy the most. Thanks to Yahoo Finance for this breakdown of which segments are adding to (or subtracting from) inflation. Please follow us and re-post us to support the importanc
  9. Before I canceled my subscription, I noticed that the NYT rarely if ever interviewed Biden supporters. It’s one of the many reasons I left - I do miss the puzzles though 🙄
  10. They know. Why can't we?
  11. An instant classic 😹
  12. By Dan Rather Wouldn’t it be convenient if the courts were the catalyst for keeping Donald Trump from ever setting foot inside the White House again? But here’s a reality check: The courts, including the Supreme Court, are not likely to be democracy’s savior. The hard work of keep
  13. Yes, HUGE difference! By the middle of 2016, I had stopped interacting with a multitude of family members and life long friends. I was shocked, not only at how racist they openly became, parroting Trump's racial comments, but how deep that shit ran.
  14. This is a very important story that more people need to be aware of. Investigative Journalism is under attack.
  15. Another hard hitting message from The Lincoln Project. Please share.
  16. The Senate PASSED the bipartisan national security legislation, but it's now stuck in the House because MAGA Mike Johnson wants to kowtow to Trump. We cannot let a few rightwing extremists stand in the way of America's commitment to security and democracy. The only way to get thi
  17. Donald Trump just publicly encouraged Russia to attack our NATO allies so I’m absolutely certain the chorus of calls from Republicans for him to resign from the race will be forthcoming imminently… Any… minute… now…
  18. An excellent explanation of why we’re in trouble as a nation.
  19. Love Hillary, hate Hillary, whatever. But during the 2016 presidential debates, she told Trump that he “encouraged espionage against our country”. She spoke the truth, in public, straight to his orange face. Lots of people owe Hillary Clinton — and America — an apology.

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