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Feminist. Atheist. Democrat. Mom to 3 Border Collies. I swear a lot. Not about to back down. And while I'm at it, shame on the Supreme Court.

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  1. What a shock.
  2. Let's find Mr. Worell.
  3. Simply put.
  4. Cruel behavior

    I'm having a small minimally invasive surgical procedure today, and I can't have any water, food, or coffee. I swear this is torture. No water and no food isn't bad but no coffee??? This is killing me.
  5. There is a Frontline production on PBS, "Clarence and Ginni Thomas," which is worth the watch. I came away with a very clear understanding of what makes the both of them tick. And it is frightening. Best to know your enemy.
  6. A big thank you to Jack Smith for bringing in Federal indictments against TFG. TFG will be arrained this Thursday. Party at my house.
  7. Wear a helmet!

    Seven years ago today I was hit by a car while cycling. Seven years later all the fractures have healed. Seven years later I am still dealing with the after-effects of a massive concussion. I would have died had it not been for my helmet.
  8. What Steve says.
  9. Shame on SCOTUS

    So, in the past year, we've seen the end of women's rights to health care, the end of the disenfranchised's rights to education, the end of student loan forgiveness, and the end of hypothetical discrimination against at least ten percent of our population. I mean, what the fuck!
  10. So, time to bring it up again. Just why did SCOTUS Justice Kennedy retire in such a hurry? What skeletons are in his closet??
  11. EXACTLY!
  12. What the man says.
  13. Anyone worried about violence in Miami this coming Tuesday?
  14. I think I will lose what little there is of my sanity if Susan Collins forgives him. Not this time, Susie, not this time.
  15. Watched a very interesting documentary/short on Clarence Thomas and Ginni Thomas. PBS has it. I wasn't aware that Clarence was once Clarence X -- in honor of Malcolm X. Worth watching but hold on to your stomach.
  16. You remember when SCOTUS struck down Dobbs v. Jackson by a vote of 6 to 3, right? And now that very same SCOTUS has allowed Mifepristone to remain available by a vote of 7 to 2. What the actual fuck. Scary times ahead.
  17. If I were young and sexually active, I'd be stockpiling Mifepristone.
  18. Louisville, Kentucky. Live news conference. Thoughts and prayers. No mention of gun control. WTF.

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