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social lefty, economic centrist. tired of transactional, quid pro quo politics and disingenuous politicians. decency matters. democracy, with all its flaws, is the best system to ensure inclusivity in the political system. pubic service is an honorable profession. if someone does not like government they should not be in government.

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  1. Funny tidbit…Ron DeSantis weeded out dates by mispronouncing the word Thai when eating at a Thai restaurant and if his date corrected his pronunciation he walked out leaving his date to pay the bill. I guess his wife was too stupid to know he was saying Thai incorrectly which mig
  2. Banned from elementary school because one parent says it has hate speech…au contraire, Amanda Gorman’s inauguration poem is inspirational. Share her words and beauty with all the children you love
  3. Yes, yes, yes
  4. She was an open book. He was illiterate. 😉. Maya Angelou
  5. It’s true 😜
  6. Sometimes we just have to laugh
  7. Christian Nationalism reality

    A federal judge said he will suspend the FDA's two-decade-old approval of a medication abortion pill . He is pausing his ruling for seven days so the federal government can appeal. This marks the most significant abortion-related ruling since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wa
  8. And beyond the Tennessee lynching, Clarence Thomas’s tax evasion, and the GOP pedophile bill I’m about to explode.
  9. Racism in our faces In Tennessee. 2 Black representatives are expelled by the majority Tennessee Republicans while the White representative was voted to remain but all three violated the same rule. They were fighting for gun safety to be discussed on the floor. This is sickening
  10. Reduce your anxiety and stress…go for a walk in nature and hang around with trees
  11. tRump is a misogynist that has a long history of assaulting women- sexually, physically psychologically. I’ve always wondered if his first three children heard him yelling at Ivana and beating her…and possibly sexually abusing her.
  12. Faux Lies are coming back to bite the network

    Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric Davis ruled in favor of Dominion Voting Systems in a key point of the company’s lawsuit against the Fox News Corporation for defamation. The ruling also established the central point for dismissing the story that Trump had won the 2020 election.
  13. I have never felt afraid of a drag queen, the statue of a nude body, a book or learning about real US history. I have felt threatened and afraid of nazis, guns, crosses burning, Catholic priests and nuns, and Christian nationalists that want to impose their warped reality onto me
  14. Karma Baby…pour me a gin and tonic!

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