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Marine mom who loves peace.

Citizen idealist interested in the art of the possible. Some days, ruby slippers; others, flying monkeys.

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  1. The Risk of Wishing for Peace Too Much

    I remember my mom laughing about Wallace's attempt to bar African American students from entering the University of Alabama. It permanently set my view regarding the South and the terrible compromise we accepted to heal the wounds of the Civil War. The denizens of the Jim Crow So
  2. Yes, from my youth, I recognized the danger represented by Republicans. The pretense of commitment to freedom, individual rights, was always about their right to marginalize those they revile.
  3. In the best tradition of the Pharisees,
  4. Happy Juneteenth!

    If you are a white person in this country, neither I nor you will ever know the advantages that made it possible for your success at the expense of a more worthy black person. I know it's Monday. I just want to say something I am aware of every day.
  5. This.
  6. Your second reminder today, your cognitive and critical thinking are under attack from Russian Federation - Hello, useful idiot Donald Trump - as we are at war with the Russian Federation. Putin KNOWS only a Trump Presidency in 2024 can save him, and that will be the goal.
  7. The NRA should not be able to interpret this amendment in the way that serves their pockets.
  8. The latest #ProfGPod episode is on climate change. Most comments critical, saying I need to "free myself." Reminds me of this Carl Sagan quote:
  9. Tucker Carlson learning that Tucker Carlson has been fired from the Tucker Carlson show (via David Ehrlich)
  10. Sure politicians are sly and often slimy... but when you realize how many holes our so-called checks and balances have... you have to conclude they had more pride and honor than you had ever imagined. #TheAmericanHaitianPoet
  11. Nauseating.
  12. Wargaming as a Tool to Avoid War
  13. Courtesy of War on the Rocks

    "Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here." Reported statement by Capt. John Parker to his troops before the battle of Lexington Green, on this day in 1775. The battles at Lexington and Concord marked the beginning of the A
  14. It is beyond frustrating to live in a rogue state that ignores court judgments to maintain a stranglehold on power. The corruption of the Republican leadership unfairly burdens the state with bailouts of corporate criminals. And yet . . . The voters still come running when Repub
  15. Had enough?

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