The Konica Hexar RF Camera - what the Leica M7 could have been.
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The Konica Hexar RF Camera - what the Leica M7 could have been.

I'm thinking about selling this NoS, still in the box, seen 1 roll of film (to confirm it works) Konica Hexar RF kit. I bought it from a fellow who was closing down his camera shop in 2014; it was new stock, unused at the time. Comes with the Hexar RF body, the Hexanon 50mm f2 lens, flash and strap in a nice box. Seen these go as high as $3,000 new on eBay; I'll probably ask a bit less. I did pay a ton for it at the time I bought it ($1,850).

The above photo is of mine. It's an interesting camera, and it's what everone though the Leica M7 should have been. It also take Leica glass as well as Konica's own mount. It's probably the most advanced manual focus rangefinder ever made.

The lens it comes with is sharp as heck; I've seen comments saying it is way better than Leica's 50mm f2 Summicron. It, along with the 35mm f1.4 Hexanon lenses command a steep, premium price in used markets, that's for sure. The 50mm in new condition sells for up to $850 from Japanese vendors.

I love the idea of owning this camera, but other than putting one roll of 24 frame film through it (to make sure everything works), I don't shoot with it, so it's serving no purpose for me other than as a collector's item.

This is why I'm thinking of selling the entire kit.

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