Regarding Efforts By You, In Inferior Person, To Cancel Me, A Genius
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Ken White

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Regarding Efforts By You, In Inferior Person, To Cancel Me, A Genius

As you know, I recently said something incendiary and provocative, and you reacted, as did many people like you.

All is proceeding as I have foreseen.

You see, I said what I said knowing that this would be your reaction. I did it to prove a point. The point is that I am a genius and you and the rest of society is sadly inferior. The good news is that you may have a limited capacity to improve, with the help of people like me. There are not many of us, but there are a few, we brave few.

When I said the incendiary and provocative thing, intending that you would react, I was not actually being incendiary or provocative. I was being thoughtful, and deep. If you had followed my clever wordplay, or my superior use of rhetoric, you would have seen that I was not incendiary at all. I was insightful. However, I will not clarify exactly how you misunderstood what I said, or how what I said was somehow exaggerated or rendered misleading for effect. That's not what geniuses do for inferior people. In fact, many of the incendiary parts of what I said are actually literally true, and I did not go far enough. Wait. Do I mean that? Or am I being deliberately incendiary again to illustrate a deep social truth? Not telling.

When you think I am getting facts "wrong," you are missing how I am illuminating what truth means. When you say I am "ignoring context," you are missing how I am illustrating the unknowability of context. When you say I am contradicting myself, you fail to recognize I am in a Platonic dialogue with myself, and both sides of myself are winning.

I set out boldly to illustrate many things: how society in general and people like you are thoughtless sheep, how you fail to appreciate the geniuses among you, how you resist wisdom, how you persecute and oppress the most enlightened in your society, how you shun and mock and divorce and occasionally pepper-spray them, how you call them things like bigot, emotionally spavined, narcissistic, sociopathic, kinda creepy. Your reaction, reviling me, is simultaneously exactly what I intended and anticipated and a deep, sigh-provoking disappointment to me. It is a sign of genius to be able to accommodate both of these feelings at once.

Your reaction shows what is wrong with society. Specifically: when I, a genius, speak, you, a mediocre person, should listen, and appreciate. That's what freedom of speech means. When you react by criticizing and shunning me, you demonstrate your contempt for freedom of expression. Freedom of speech means I talk and you listen respectfully and make occasional soft noises of affirmation, whether it is on one of my YouTube videos or when I initiate foreplay by explaining why women are overrepresented in engineering. When you don't, you are part of the mindless mob, heirs to the tradition of people who condemned Socrates and crucified Jesus and were really quite rude to that thoughtful young man Nick Fuentes.

When you react to me with criticism, or by deciding not to associate with me, you are driving a stake through the heart of free speech culture. Free speech culture means that I can say whatever I want about other people but they shouldn't say anything that would make me feel badly about what I said, if I had the emotional capacity to feel badly about what I said, which I do not. You must abandon your instinct to criticize or shun me as if that instinct were a troubled stepchild.

I know this is very difficult for you to follow. But you should continue to try. Please pay to subscribe to my various things, to help stand up against the mindless hordes silencing me. If you don't, you hate speech and Western Civilization. Thank you for trying to follow me.

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