How comet ZTF appears to the camera now
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How comet ZTF appears to the camera now

Picked out #comet C/2022 E3 (#ZTF) out of the fullmoon-lit sky right next to #Capella around 2:30 UTC on 6 February 2023 - and surprise: at maximum zoom of the Pansonic DMC-FZ300 (2nd picture; 3.2 seconds at f/2.8 and ISO 1600, with contrast cranked up) a sharp stellar-like central condensation appears which I had not noticed before. I checked it with this is not a background star! This may be due to the outer coma being suppressed more by the Moon than in late January, but the condensation appears pretty striking. The star right next to the comet has 10.0 mag., by the way. And the comet and the stars are trailing now as the declination - which was 80° just 5 days ago - has gone down to 41°N. Oh, and the sky was so bright from the Moon that nothing at all was visible in the location of the comet in 11x70 binoculars.

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