#PostBookClub Discussion Thread! Please Post all Comments on BIASED here.
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Lisa Bardin

Profoundly grateful to be invited to spin on this big blue marble with everyone.

#PostBookClub Discussion Thread! Please Post all Comments on BIASED here.

We are honored to have our inaugural book, BIASED, moderated by author Dr Eberhardt and retired Police Detective Sergeant Judith Heilman on January Book of the Month, BIASED.

I spent hours trying to write how to proceed, but I cannot state things more clearly than Judith Heilman has, so please read her wise instructions;

-Please don’t take up space with admitting how disappointed/surprised you were to have discovered your biases and leaving it at that.

- Let’s start one step beyond that, and offer ideas on what can be done both collectively and as individuals to help reduce bigotry and prejudice whenever and however we encounter it.

Treat each other kindly and with respect, and let’s use this as an opportunity to figure out how to enable equity so that every human has true equal opportunity to enjoy Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s get started, we have work to do…

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