New Year, new efforts
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New Year, new efforts

I'm trying something a bit different with my new years mindset this time around the sun: instead of attaching to a result or outcome, I'm just paying attention to the effort.

I guess to put it another way, I'm being lazy. A more positive spin though, is that I don't want to set up promises or ambitions of I'll finally master that Bach French Suite or my podcast will be coming back with regular episodes the whole year or whatever little hobby I might see for myself.

It's been written about a lot so I won't re-hash it here, but I'm sort of borrowing that idea of not stating your goals out loud. In fact, like my failed meditation practice, I try to puff the thought clouds away as soon as a goal arises. I don't even want to know what the goal is, because once that solidifies in my mind, it'll be all too easy to give up when I deviate too far.

You just read a full paragraph! Here's a picture to break up the text.

A little twist I'm giving 2023 is stating the efforts out loud.

I'm writing a post on Post because I love joining new things online, and seeing them change over time. I also feel like writing. It's a sore muscle of mine, and something that I feel like stretching right now. So here I am.

Just for good measure, I'll be posting the same thing on my blog because I want to have a blog post. Look at that, now I have a blog post!

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