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Post update

Hi Posters,

Quick update - we are at 442K users on the waitlist and 206K activated accounts 🥳

Some stats from Post. In the past 24 days since launch, we have had:

  • 206K Users


  • 2.9M Follows

  • 467K Posts published

  • 370K Images have been uploaded

  • 21K Tips have been given

This weekend we had a battle with a few trolls. Some of them were pretty sophisticated and we had to put many things on hold to roll out some of the troll tools. Some of you noticed that an account I said we had blocked kept posting - now you know why. So far, the forces of good have prevailed. We should expect more trolls with more sophistication from the forces of evil so please remember - flag and ignore!

Or, as drawn by @kellie

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