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Hi Posters,

We are at 400K waitlisted users, of them 154K have activated their accounts.  Anyone signing up on the 29th of November or earlier should be invited by now.

We just released Mute - we need your help to find edge cases where it does not work before we roll out Block which is going to be built on the same infrastructure. Please bear in mind that Mute is for posts and not comments. Right now, muting people from the comment section is a separate process due to commenting being built on OpenWeb. We would like to hear your feedback on that as well - are there people you mute for posts but would like to still hear on comments or would you like one Mute function across all channels?

We had a few trolls today who we suspended. We should expect more of them coming.

Don’t forget that they are coming to “own the libs” or plain old “piss us off” - not to consume or share content. I think we can start a Post mantra of “flag and ignore”. 

Flagging them will allow our moderators to suspend and ignoring them (even if the post is inflammatory) we take away their raison d'etre and REALLY piss them off. I know how aggravating it is and our reflexive response is to “tell them off” but that is what they want. I am not saying it is easy, but please, just flag and ignore so we can keep our sanity and they can be suspended empty-handed.

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