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Quick update on Post

Hi Posters,

we are at 395K users on the waitlist and 140K who have activated their accounts. Today, I finished inviting all users who signed up before November 26th. If you have friends that are waiting - ask them to check their email or, if they know they signed up before the 26th, just try and sign up here: post.news/auth/waitlist/validation

We were hoping to release Mute today but it is still in testing, it will probably be tomorrow. Once we get your feedback on it, we will launch Block. We are also working on the backend moderation features which you cannot see.

Our vision is that every user should have a different version of Post - you should be able to slice the content in a way that suits you, building your own community and feed.

Block and Mute are two important tools to exclude content/accounts you do not want to see. Our next round of features will be positive personalization - being able to find topics of interest, follow them, save them, and go in and out of specific feeds.

None of us are just one thing - we want you to find your community and content according to different dimensions of who you are. You might be an academic, a scientist, a math professor, a member of the LGBTQ community, a climate activist, and an avid dog lover. None of these aspects define you but they are all part of you. You should be able to personalize your feed with what you want to see but also be able to easily slip in and out of other feeds. You might want your feed full of Math professionals but also want to see dogs from time to time, without clogging your feed with #PostDogs.

I imagine it as a watermelon of content and each of us can choose a different slice at different times, that is right for you.

Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 11.45.07.png
Screenshot 2022-12-07 at 11.45.07.png

It will take some time but we think you will love the features and tools we will build once we have the basic safety features in. We are not trying to build a Twitter clone but a different approach to content and community. Stay tuned.

We are also working with the first batch of publishers we will ingest into the platform. Lots of redlining with legal but we are already working on ingesting a few. We will also be splitting the publisher content from the explore feed. Our view is that the "news" feed and the "explore" feed are where you go to find content. In the future, it will be personalized to you via a recommendation algorithm. When you find things you like, you can follow the account or repost the content so your followers. Your following feed is the curated feed by who you follow. We want to strike a balance between discovering new sources and consuming content from accounts you trust.

We are constantly blown away by the community that is being created here - experienced Posters helping newbies, nudging people on how to act, and generally positive vibes. I am working hard to invite conservative voices as well, we do not want to be the "Liberal Twitter". Please be respectful of opinions you disagree with. Our worth as citizens of a democracy is measured by how we treat people we disagree with, not the opinions we share. Let's make sure all people are welcome, even if we disagree with their opinions.

Thank you for your support


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