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Loving Post so far. Here's how I plan to use it differently than my other social media. How about YOU?

Loving Post so far. Making it a habit of browsing the Explore feed to look for at least one new person to follow, someone I don't know and someone who doesn't have a large following.

Over on the birdsite, I mainly follow people in the kidlit community and mainly post about kidlit-related topics (I'm still there because for me, it remains the best way to connect with educator and librarian friends, many of whom are too workstressed these days to have time to learn a new platform).

I plan to use Post differently, posting about a wider range of my own interests, including different creative hobbies like music composition and geeky interests like board gaming, creating in VR, nostalgic techstuff, etc.

Looking for diverse voices, trying to avoid the social media echo chamber.

Having said that, however, I'm also going to do some curation of my feed when things settle, depending on when/if Post ever adds private lists to make it easier to curate our own feeds - would love to just be able to see feeds with gorgeous photography sometimes, and other times my kidlit community friends, musician/songwriter community, gamers etc. Will probably avoid feeds that are mainly politics (I already get so much of that on other social media).

I'm gradually curating my feed so that I'm following those who are positive and post about things they love rather than things (and people) they hate.

But this is just me and my own preferences.

I believe there is no ONE right way to use social media, and we each need to find a way that works for us. I've learned that for my own mental health, especially during the past couple of years, I need to be more proactive in seeking out the joy.

What about the rest of you? Are you hoping to use Post the same way you do your other social media? What have you found does and doesn't work for you?

#PostTips #PostJoy

Note: Please see the Comments section for additional resources and corrections, since we're not yet able to edit our Posts and I will inevitably notice typos etc. AFTER I hit submit. 😁

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