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This weeks focus

Hi all,

Quick update on what we are working on this week. Most of this week will go to building out the infrastructure we need to improve operations, onboarding new users, safety features (like block/mute), and many others.

This means that there will be little released this week that you will be able to see. This infrastructure will allow us to increase the number of users we let in and release many of the sought-after features.

I know everyone has a feature they want, and we need them all, but we are a small team and can only do so much. We have let in 65K users out of a waitlist of 335K and the impact on support, content moderation, and operations have been significant. We do not want the team working around the clock or the platform to be a free-for-all.

Some of the things we are working on this week that we hope to release this week:

>Fix the error when trying to follow someone or view their profile

>Limited updates to the RePosting feature

>Mute - we hope to be able to release this, depending on the progress we make on the infrastructure

>Updates to the composer and some front-end items

I want to remind everyone that this is a super early beta and it is not right for everyone, People looking for a polished product will have to wait. It is OK to take a break and come back when things are production grade - betas are not for everyone.

I know there is a lot of frustration about things we have not released - blocking users, seeing who liked your post, the annoying RePosts that clog the feed, not being fully accessible, notifications, searching for hashtags, DMโ€™s, native app, dark modeโ€ฆ We want to do it all but have to prioritize - balancing the needs of the current users and the waitlisted users.

I am going to limit my responses in the comments as they do not seem to be productive. There are many services out there and we should each choose the one we are comfortable with.

I want to thank the overwhelmingly positive feedback we are getting from most of you, especially the many offers to help. Once we begin rolling out our community moderation (which will take a while), you will each have an important role to play in helping keep Post a civil place for all of us. For now, please help in educating new users and set the tone for the platform - civility is a group effort.

If you have questions on what we are building and why, please listen to the interview I did with Kara and Scott on Pivot:

Thank you,


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