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Why are we not working on...

Going through the posts this morning, seeing lots of feature requests and questions about our priorities, I thought I would share what we are focused on and why we are making certain decisions.

First of all, nothing we decide will make everyone happy. That's life, but making a decision is more important than debating the options. Then again, nothing is set in stone and if we make a mistake, we will reverse it.

Our number one focus is letting in the 300K+ users on our waitlist and opening up to everyone. This means:

Keeping Post a civil place - we are focused on moderation and operational tools, hiring and training people, flagging posts, blocking, muting, tuning the comment moderation keywords. This is the biggest constraint on letting more people in faster.

Scale and stability - our design goal is to be able to support 50M DAU's in a year. That is ambitious both as a number of users and as infrastructure to support them but if we let everyone in and nothing works, what have we achieved?

Allowing users to find content and people - Post is a vessel for content, we need to help you find it quickly and get out of the way. Personalized feed, search, hashtags, Notifications etc. Long term, algorithms will help but for now, we want to quickly launch with semi manual options to buy us time to work on machine learning.

Bring on great Publishers - we want to allow you to read premium news from multiple publishers. We have big surprises in store for you.

We decided to start with US, English - This means we are not focused on internationalization, translation, currencies, languages, non-US publishers etc.  We plan on being global but must have focus.

Focus is what you are not doing - this means that we are not focused on things like dark mode, iOS/Android apps, DM’s, private accounts, power user tools (managing large follower base), activity pub, accessibility, video (you can embed 3rd party players like Youtube for now) etc. We want to do it all but first, let's get everyone in. 

There have been many questions raised around some of the funding decisions I made:

Andreessen Horowitz - when I decided to raise money, I spoke to 3 of the top VC’s and A16Z was the fastest in making a decision. Within 7 days we had money in the bank. I wanted a full service VC to help us move fast and A16Z has been great on all fronts. This does not mean that I am a Crypto fan, that I think they should have funded some of the personalities they funded lately or that I agree with every statement of theirs. We did discuss the Twitter investment at the highest level and I can assure you that it is not a problem - Post is separated from the people involved with Twitter and a clear line has been set. Just like any large firm - conflicts arise all the time as start-ups twist and turn in finding their way.

Scott Galloway - is the other investor. Scott has been instrumental from day one and his original insights and excitements were important in pushing me to “go for it”. He has been a close advisor and I am thankful to have him as an investor as well.

The only other money invested is mine.

The only tool we have to deal with these questions is transparency and we will do our best to be transparent. The one thing I can guarantee is that I will make lots of mistakes, have to reverse decisions I made, say things I will later regret but my hope is that directionally - we are aiming in the right direction.

Have a great day and, if you live in Georgia, don't forget to vote.


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