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Post beta update

Hello Posters,

We have not deployed any new functionality today but there are a lot of good things coming. We are trying to get them out before the #Holiday as we plan to spend #Thanksgiving with our families (which is a different kind of hardcore...)


As of now, we have:

180,000 people in the waitlist, of them

20,000 are invited and

16,000 have activated their Post accounts

Wow. Just Wow.... Thank you all ๐Ÿ™

We are trying to let people in more aggressively - the platform is holding up fine, the operational issues seem to be the constraint so:

1. When you sign up, take care to select the handle you want since we will not be able to change it for a while. Until we allow you to do it yourself, we will have to ignore such requests since we are understaffed.

2. If you email issues, check out our FAQ's since we will not be able to help you via the support email. If you cannot sort it out yourself, please write in to support but bear in mind if will be several days (after the holiday) before we will get to you.

We are doing everything we can to speed it up and roll out the features you have been asking for.

Thank you for your patience,

Noam and Team Post

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