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  1. AreYouFuckingKiddingMe! What the hell? Why is mccarthy even allowed to do this?
  2. I say red states can succeed as soon as they present a state budget that doesn't depend on getting federal assistance. We'll wait.
  3. When you hear Republicans start to talk of a constitutional convention That means they are close to having enough states to try & Rewrite the constitution the way they want it.
  4. Red states are red not just because they are Republican But their state budgets are always in the red. They make up the difference in federal money that comes from blue states.
  5. Mr Dewine the president is on the phone offering help. Dewine: I don't want to talk to him, I'm getting my instructions from the train people.
  6. If it truly inflation companies wouldn't be making record profit.
  7. Twitter under Musk Twitmo is they don't like your tweet & if you want to appeal you'll be banned indefinitely while they consider looking at it. 🖕musk
  8. Geesh. Remember when prioritizing education and not pressing children into sweatshops and meat packing was the mark of a developed country?
  9. Someday soon A pregnant girl will be shot in a school shooting in a red state, and they will prosecute her for murder if she has a miscarriage. Cause you it's her fault she hot shot & the baby died.
  10. I remember when we were trying to compete in academics Now they are eliminating the dept of education & books
  11. When Republicans say small govt They mean no regulations on businesses Ohio train derailment is what happens when you leave businesses to self regulate safety
  12. Maybe if the rich paid their fair share, the FAA wouldn't have such an outdated system.
  13. Pence Can't testify to Congress cause he's in the executive branch Can't testify to DOJ because the speech & debate clause means he can only answer to Congress. He's trying to have his cake & eat it too.
  14. Republicans are pissed Biden didn't roll back the hundreds of safety & environmental regs that 45 repealled. Including updating train braking systems. Can you imagine if Biden went in day 1 & said I reverse all of 45s executive orders?
  15. Dark money in pollitics is the root of all evil.
  16. Republicans & NRA say we just need to keep the wrong people from getting guns. But want No permits No licenses No backround checks No red flag No min age Someone, please explain how they plan on stopping the 'wrong people' from getting them?? Because the lady from the NRA couldn't. She
  17. Thanks, @briantylercohen Marjorie Taylor Greene LOSES IT and accidentally humiliates herself. Petition: To tell Kevin McCarthy to kick Marjorie Taylor Greene off the Homeland Security Committee, sign here 👉 via @YouTube
  18. Anyone else concerned that one of these 'balloons' that they keep shooting down might actually have a payload of some kind?

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