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Justin Wallace


Author, Logistics Specialist, and Father.

Kansas City, Missouri

Aspiring author beholden to The Man until that wonderous day when I am free to create to my hearts content. Most likely when they nail the coffin shut. Opinionated and political. Justice and Mercy are not mutually exclusive.

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  1. The Chefs won the Superbowl and Kansas City went bananas.

    Rome burns. Okay, that might be a bit of a lie. Kansas City is most definitely not on fire. What is, however, is exuberant to the point of lunacy. How did I know the Chefs (That's great, but who are The Chefs?) had won the super bowl? Because there were gunshots, lots of them, al
  2. Attitude of Gratitude

    Good morning everyone! Every so often I like to take a day and try to focus on the things I'm grateful for. It doesn't fix anything, granted, but it does help with my mindset. Getting your mind in the right place can pay far more dividends than you would think. Right now, this day,
  3. A Broken Window Still Leads to the Outside World

    Good morning everyone! My life is in quite a lot of turmoil at the moment. Dealing with the loss of my father, the weight I gained from COVID, work giving me the silent treatment on my promotion, and personal issues I can't discuss yet. On top of that, having to rotate to a new so
  4. The Mountain Wears a Ring of Gold

    Good afternoon everyone! Here is the latest short story told in my The Mountain Wears a Ring of Gold universe. It's a lovely little tale of a forge mistress and how she rules over her domain. Check it out if you enjoy #fantasy #shortstories by an #indieauthor !
  5. Greetings and Salutations!

    Good day everyone! I would like tp take this first post on Post Social to let everyone know who and what I am: I am, first and foremost, an author. It is my sword and shield against the little horrors of everyday living. I have always lived inside of my own imagination. Now, I get

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