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  1. 🚨📚It happens once a year: Take 30% off during our annual American History Sale (& free shipping on U.S. orders over $75)📚🚨 Preorders apply as well! ➡️ Use discount code 01UNCP30 for 30% off⬅️ #booksale
  2. We are pleased to present our Annual Report for 2022, which provides an overview of our centennial year publishing endeavors, financial results, fundraising efforts, along with a summary of present and future Press initiatives and partnerships. #UNCP100
  3. In the new #NewYorkReviewofBooks : Sarah Schulman on Anne Gray Fischer's THE STREETS BELONG TO US: Sex, Race, and Police Power from Segregation to Gentrification ("shows in stunning detail how American policing has shifted its justifications over time, especially Black women."
  4. A new book, ART OF THE STATE by Liza Roberts, celebrates the visual mediums of North Carolina, as well as the state’s investment in supporting the arts, and "is as marvelous to behold as the art within its pages."—Review by Wiley Cash in The Assembly via @TheAssemblyNC
  5. Congratulations Hammer & Hope: A MAGAZINE OF BLACK POLITICS AND CULTURE on the publication of your inaugural issue! The inspiration for the name HAMMER & HOPE: Robin D. G. Kelley's acclaimed HAMMER AND HOE, available to read online FREE thru 3/22!
  6. "A detailed examination of the U.S. Army’s efforts to address 'the problem of race' in the late 1960s and early ’70s . . . a valuable study of the challenges to institutional reform."—from the review of AN ARMY AFIRE by Beth Bailey, via #PublishersWeekly
  7. Watch Anastasia Curwood discuss her new—and the first that's "cradle to grave"—biography of groundbreaking US politician Shirley Chisholm on @majorityreport (starting at 18:45) #BlackHistoryMonth #ShirleyChisholm
  8. Watch last month's Atlanta History Center Author Talk given by James C. Cobb on his new biography C. VANN WOODWARD: America's Historian. Cobb offers many original insights into Woodward's early years, private life, long career, and his almost mythic public persona.
  9. ICYMI yesterday on #VelshiMSNBC , MAY WE FOREVER STAND: A History of the Black National Anthem author Imani Perry on how the Black National Anthem reminds us ‘we have not yet achieved the kind of justice that we richly deserve:’
  10. In celebration of #BlackHistorymonth we will be sharing reading lists and highlighting books on black history all month long. Our first list includes some must-read titles b y #blackauthors such as Imani Perry and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
  11. 🚨NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK 🚨 We’re kicking off our Spring/Summer 2023 season with new paperbacks. Browse this list of titles newly available in paperback form, including our Savor the South Cookbooks, and be sure to browse all of our new paperbacks coming out this season.
  12. "Rebecca Sharpless, author of 'Grain and Fire: A History of Baking in the American South,' notes, 'Southerners learned to prefer individual portions of breads served hot, while in the North, the food reformers were horrified and thought it should be served cold. Cold sliced bread
  13. OUR EXTENDED HOLIDAY SALE ENDS 1/31/23! There are only a few days left to take advantage of our annual Holiday Gift Books sale!—40% off every UNC Press print book on our list (preorders too). And if yo
  14. Listen to Jason Vuic discuss THE SWAMP PEDDLERS, his book on how lot sellers transformed Florida in 1950s, on the On the Bookshelf Podcast
  15. The Return of Lula to the Brazilian Presidency: Reflections by Lula’s Biographer—UNC Press Blog guest post by John D. French of Duke History Dept., author of "Lula and His Politics of Cunning: From Me
  16. How did the Cold War affect Latin America? Italian-Mexican historian Vanni Pettinà explores the impact and consequences of the Cold War in the region in A Compact History of Latin America's Cold War,
  17. "As a 'bookworm,' Shirley did not often attend parties, although when she did she surprised the boys with her impressive dancing abilities." Read an excerpt of SHIRLEY CHISHOLM by Anastasia C. Curwood
  18. Virtual event happening TOMORROW: to kick of #MLKDay weekend, Fri. 1/13/23 at 1pm ET National Archives Foundation hosts Daniel T. Fleming, who'll discuss his recently published book LIVING THE DREAM:
  19. "In the United States, white supremacists instigated nearly sixty deadly interracial clashes in 1919." Read an excerpt of CROSS-BORDER COSMOPOLITANS: The Making of a Pan-African North America by Wende

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