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  1. If you scan through X Twitter and read some of the insane anti democratic posts from people like CatTurd and now Alex Jones who was allowed back on by Musk, it’s truly frightening. I wonder how this country will survive. Very discomforting!
  2. Remembering 9/11

    As most sane Americans think about the horrors of 9/11 and remember the lives lost that day and the many that followed from working at the site, twitter is loaded with conspiracies and blaming George Bush and everything unimaginable. This country is in terrible trouble with too m
  3. Dark Money

    “Leonard Leo paid Ginni Thomas OFF THE BOOKS, including at least one $25,000 payment that was routed through Kellyanne Conway. Leo explicitly instructed that the payment should NOT mention Ginni Thomas . Due to the Citizens United case, dark money has now entered U.S. politics.”
  4. After scanning through comments on X regarding the Jacksonville shooting at the Dollar Store it’s totally depressing to read tweets by right wing Dotard followers. I just can’t even do that any longer. This country is in serious trouble.
  5. Nicolle Wallace giving an extended interview to Judge Salas whose son was murdered a couple years ago when he answered the door. The murderer was targeting the judge and killed her only child. Excellent interview and very sad, intense and emotional. Judges being targeted needles
  6. Indictment returned by grand jury in election probe.
  7. Twitter

    Twitter is a cesspool and Musk is the leader of the garbage and lies and conspiracies and right wing hatred on the site. It’s become a dump of nastiness and vile comments. Ignorance is rampant.
  8. DeSantis Woke Problem

    Ron DeSantis has a problem and it’s a big one. He makes no sense in any of his speeches. What does he think he’s raging against using the word “woke” constantly? We know what he is and it’s none of the qualities that a President of this Nation want. It’s hate based garbage. I fin
  9. Elon Musk is now allowing a Matt Walsh video on Twitter entitled “What is a Woman” to hurt an already marginalized LGBTQ community. Isn’t it time for decent people who live by the words “we all are created equal” to leave that platform? Elon Musk has a hate filled agenda. And he
  10. Clarence Thomas …an unlawful SCOTUS accepting trips and perks from GOP donor. GOP corruption goes hand in hand with six SCOTUS members. Something needs to be done to rein in him and his traitorous wife.
  11. It sickens me to watch what’s happening in TN right now with the expulsion of the only three Democrats by House GOP because they support gun control and side with protesting students who are sick of being murdered in their classrooms. My gosh what is wrong with these horrible peo
  12. Trump stoking violence

    Trump is stoking violence, using inflammatory language and racist slurs against Alvin Bragg. Crickets from GOP. Actually, encouraging violence from jerks like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Let’s not forget traitor McCarthy too. This country is in serious trouble because of one angry d
  13. Unbelievable information on more texts released on the lawsuit by Dominion from the Bullshit Factory propaganda network. Rupert Murdoch under oath admitted they all knew Biden won and there was zero election fraud but his minions spread that garbage to their ignorant viewers beca
  14. Elon Musk turned out to be a far right whacko who is now inciting violence towards Dr. Fauci’s wife either purposely or due to lack of intelligence as to her role in NIH. How many more despicable peop

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