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I am not in charge today

Known on other social media as TwistedCat or Ayamanatara. Pronouns: she/her Left of center, spiritual, pro-science, pro-grammar, sober Somewhat geeky, somewhat goth, punny, polyglot Core values: Equity, Empowerment, Community

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  1. On this day in sweary history
  2. Since I've been scheduling some topics in advance, I figured I could give you some advanced warning about them as well! Every Tuesday at noon Pacific online by donation I lead a guided #meditation 3/15 Clearing 3/22 Detaching from Illusion 3/29 Kindness to Joy to Kindness 4/5 Dissolving
  3. Mitch McConnell Hospitalized for Concussion After Fall at Washington Hotel The 81-year-old Senate minority leader fell during a private dinner and is being treated at a local hospital, his spokesman said.
  4. Los Angeles Residents! In case you ignored the mailer, the requirement to put your food scraps in your green bin has begun. You can get a pail from LA Sanitation. More info:
  5. I've posted my March Newsletter to my Patreon - it's not locked to members only though: March Newsletter
  6. Patreon Subscribers! Your weekly forecast is up!
  7. An incredibly honorable man who walks his talk. Fuck cancer.
  8. On the Avian Flu
  9. Solar activity incoming
  10. Senator Dianne Feinstein to Retire at the End of Her Term The senator from California, who was first elected in 1992, plans to serve out her term but will not run for re-election in 2024.
  11. There was a shooting tonight at Michigan State University. There are 3 confirmed fatalities. This is in addition to the 5 victims who have been transported to the hospital. (per MSU Police) Suspect is still at large.
  12. If people want to donate to kelp the victims of the Kahanmaras earthquake (death toll is now over 33,000), these organizations have been vetted by people I trust:
  13. Aliens aren’t real, the White House insists amid flying-object shootdowns
  14. CNN suspects Michael Flynn’s family deleted communications, demands ‘forensic search’ of phones
  15. Cold Weather Alert 2/5/23

    Cold Temperatures Expected in Parts of Los Angeles County LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Health Officer is issuing a Cold Weather Alert due to the National Weather Service’s forecast for low temperatures. Wind chill temperatures are expected to be below 32 degrees Fahrenheit

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