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  1. I remember a retailer, #99CentsOnly . A Dollar Store with a Difference – Tim W. Ferguson (
  2. No wonder--there are constant TV commercials in NYC advising that such caregivers can get instant payments. For better or worse. #NYState
  3. Ironically, in the year a Ross Perot-type actually could get a plurality of the vote, no serious third-party option will be available. #2024PresidentialRace
  4. U.S. numbers are now well above pandemic peak. #Audio
  5. Error upon error after #EastPalestineOH
  6. "W" might be worth a reconsideration...and a listen in this friendly interview. #PolarizedNation
  7. Are Europeans still really more reliant on passenger #rail ?
  8. Full of encomia but correctly depicting him as New Deal/Kennedy liberal. #NYState
  9. What #NYState manages NOT to spend more money on.
  10. The long road to normalization, economically if not politically. #Saigon
  11. Lagging in job creation. #NewYorkState
  12. Curb Your Enthusiasm for Endless Ball

    Larry David on #MarchMadness per the NY Post, and his thoughts could apply to much of today's 24/7 sports programming: “This tournament — how much can I follow in sports? I’m supposed to know who’s on Drake? I mean, this is crazy — crazy. Valparaiso? I know names on Valparaiso?
  13. Public-school teacher pay levels have risen in expensive NYC suburbs. #NewYorkState
  14. Goldilocks U.S. #economy for most, but there's a bottom-quintiles problem. See this Wall St Journal article.
  15. More players, but soon no more holes. #LongIslandNY Last Shot at New Golf in Greater Hamptons – Tim W. Ferguson (
  16. Hospitals and their client legislators look for way to shift spiraling NY Medicaid costs. #NewYorkState #GNYHA
  17. Canadian pushback on the ubiquity of sports-betting ads. But exclude state #lotteries ?
  18. A (Small) Meeting of Minds on Housing

    I am skeptical about the politics of efforts to alter single-family zoning. YIMBY Can Populate Conference Halls – Tim W. Ferguson (
  19. Hospital-industrial complex snags another big catch. #LongIslandNY
  20. Big Apple Betting

    This will be tricky for NYC council members--early evidence is that city residents overwhelmingly oppose local casinos even as officials push them. See this short article in Politico New York.

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