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Cat dad, rude lad.

Queer as in 'fuck you.' Jujitsuka and general all around smartass. I post random shit. Former DOP at JBTV - Lived in Atl, Phl, Chi. Now in Pdx. I bite. Hard.

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  1. One day of signups being open and the Post "Explore" tab is already full of garbage. Awesome.
  2. And nothing will change, for it has been decided that an individual's right to life is worth less than the right to gun ownership. I'm fucking tired.
  3. #transrightsarehumanrights
  4. I think Percy is trying to tell me something... #sphynx #doweevenpostcatpicshere
  5. Which will be the one social media platform to rule them all? I'm kind of tired of hoping my preferred username isn't going to be snatched up by bots before I can see which one is worth registering on

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