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Former Business Executive with Eclectic Interests

Exec leader of Marketing Pedigree - constant learner - even in retirement - with broad array of interests

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  1. One of the Best Things I’ve Seen So Far on Post

    Today - under the “explore” tab - I ran into a post by @debrawexler entitled “In the Papers - What I am reading”. In this post she provides a “read” tab that links to a curate
  2. Welcome over to Post

    @evanconway Welcome to the most logical and usable alternative to Twitter. I keep looking for personally related members among those I used to follow, but still pretty few an
  3. About right for me ... not so for the grandsons who are serious Messi fans.
  4. It is getting easier and easier to choose Post over Twitter

    I am a Twitter/Post straddler. I appreciate the value of holding on to the community and circle of friends we’ve built and not being run off by the billionaire man/boy. But also want to insure we are
  5. Interview I would like to see

    @jerrythomas Have you ever thought of interviewing Steven Wright? I have a sense that that would be a conversation that would go nowhere ...
  6. But why in North Texas??? How about in West Virginia ...
  7. Amen ...
  8. This is an Interesting World Cup

    #Worldcup I doubt many out there had Argentina, Croatia, Morocco, France as their final four. But while some of the traditional Marquee names are absent (Brazil, UK, Italy), I think this kind of mix -
  9. As a Twitter/ #Post transient (with a foot in both places while I build connections here) I am struck by the paucity of info on the Ukraine conflict. In late summer/early fall there was a wealth of i
  10. I found this a very helpful overall review of the Tiabbi/Musk Twitter scam Recommend your read @davidcorn
  11. Confirming Follow

    @joycewhitevance Just a quick message that this follower over on Twitter has successfully found and now follow you here. Just want to confirm that messages on both sites are worki
  12. @sethabramson Wanted to Thank you very much for the prompt you provided to find and connect with Post Users - very helpful. Will help stimulate connections here.
  13. Dove in, and the water seems fine

    Also brand new and agree with Rex, easy, fun to use. Feel free to follow, as I believe the way to get this really rolling is to connect and build off each other.

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