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Democrat Navy Vet 80-86; sickened , by people saying they’re Patriots and storming the Capitol in the name of their leader(Putin)! If the Democrats steal Elections would have been President! We were a little slow to wake up but we stopped the steal and now we’re back on track with Biden/Harris Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇸

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  1. I'm sure this is what he's thinking!
  2. I hate to say it, but my partner and I weren't the biggest fans of The Glass Onion . But this story scratches that Knives Out itch and then some. #trump #golfcart #golf #donaldtrump #january6 #jan6 #january6th
  3. Are they waiting for a perticular crime to arrest Trump on? Just kidding. But I am wondering what's taking so long.
  4. We must stand strong with Ukraine.
  5. giggles
  6. 😆😆😆
  7. It’s only going to get worse for you, George Santos (if that is your real name). Resign and lawyer up.
  8. I would not have thought that was possible. 👇🏻
  9. "Not every reader will be a leader, but every leader must be a reader."
  10. I would not have thought that was possible. 👇🏻
  11. #GOPTraitors #PutinsPuppet
  12. political bribery must be punished... We all know this is immoral; a crime against human morality. It must be re-criminalized!
  13. Would you invest in a company whose president admires Putin stooge Medvedev, and attacks infectious diseases expert Dr. Fauci?
  14. #Baseball #Art
  15. The experts agree. It's not a matter of IF Trump will be indicted. It's a matter of how many indictments on how many issues. "It's happening"

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