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  1. This Wisconsin-based company is awesome. I love their spices and their support of democracy. This bottle of spice, known as ‘Justice’, comes with a short note to the purchaser. Yes! I use it liberally!!
  2. @post I really prefer the web version on my phone so I can zoom in. But the text of embedded stories is often all jumbled/squeezed together. Sure would be nice to have that fixed
  3. This should be getting more attention. DeSantis isn’t stupid enough to be believe this….but he is wicked enough to repeat it for political gain.
  4. @post What happened to the larger preview screen for articles? I used to be able to see a paragraph or so and now I can only see the headline. This is a downgrade.
  5. #Abortion #News #Politics
  6. Please, please, please
  7. #dogsofpost My two beautiful buddies snuggling…

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