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  1. Secrets, secrets everywhere ...
  2. From the Vimānavatthu, the sixth book of the Khuddaka Nikaya in the Pali Canon

    Monks, all things are subject to change and decay. They come into being and pass away. They are not permanent and stable, but are constantly changing. All things are swept away; nothing endures. The deeds of beings bring consequences to pass, like rivulets flowing into the ocean.
  3. For me, too.
  4. Note that 1.6% is still, like, 5.3 million people.
  5. An overview of my thirty year novel project.
  6. This part bites: "73% of Democrats [in 2018] supported allowing transgender girls to participate in high school athletics on teams with cisgender girls. That figure has now dropped to 62%."
  7. The definition of metafiction, I suppose, often includes commenting on one's own work and a self-awareness of the work itself. That can feel like a lot to get your head around, or like it's super pretentious or something. But if we take one simple step back from the novel as an e
  8. Thanks, WaPo, for going against the MSM transphobia wave. (free access) #lgbtq #teens #trans #healthcare
  9. Dad's been dead two weeks. Feels like two days but also two months.
  10. Please consider supporting your local ACLU and doing what you can to help in your area.
  11. #buddhism
  12. This post will self-destruct

    There's really no way to escape political news appearing in literally every hashtag here. It's as though 'news' is entirely political and everything else is a tidbit or something. ( Braces for backlash
  13. Check out @veronique 's groovy death questionnaire 💀
  14. New chapter from the never-ending novel

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