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Working Freelance Journalist and communist. Retired broadcaster, retired licensed clinical social worker, retired pastor. Foodie - Soccer / Football / Futbol fan

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  1. SCOTUS to decide Trump's eligibility tomorrow

    NBC News and Scripps news reporting that SCOTUS will issue a ruling regarding Donald Trump's eligibility or ineligibility to be on the Colorado ballot tomorrow.
  2. #scrippsnews #NBCNews Scripps News and NBC News reports that #SCOTUS will announce a decision regarding #DonaldTrump 's eligibility to be on the #Colorado #ballot .
  3. #politics #Republicans #House
  4. Ungovernable: The total Republican Sh*tshow In The House

    What a sh*tshow. The Senate is ready to go, governor's offices functioning, others sworn in, yet there are no sitting Congressman right now, not on the Democrats' side nor on the Republicans. Even th
  5. חג חנוכה שמח לכל החוגגים.
  6. Two Hangmen

    Someone shared their favorite Loggins and Messina song in #Music and I shared mine. I began thinking about other artists to share. One of my favorite bands of the Vietnam Protest era toured to large
  7. TwitterSupport thread on banning users who mention their username on or other sites has been deleted.

    The entire thread over on #twitter from Twitter support informing users that anyone who provided a link to their usernames / accounts on other sites such as this one, has been deleted. Apparently tha
  8. No one asked or forced Musk to buy Twitter. Before April, it was a public company and in no risk of bankruptcy. It wasn't very profitable but it was fine. He decided that he should buy it.
  9. Of course.
  10. @divscotty Useful guide!
  11. World Cup 2022 - Amazing match between Croatia and Morocco. Croatia is leading 2 - 1 at half-time. #Morocco #Croatia #soccer #sports #FIFA
  12. Good idea. The sooner we can get real news in real time here, the better.
  13. This is very useful.
  14. If you don’t believe that QAnon is a domestic terror movement, read no further. If you accept, as does federal law enforcement in the United States, that QAnon represents a grave domestic terror threat
  15. Thank you Dr. Fauci

    I just hope that Dr. Fauci's retirement and next projects are not disrupted by hours and hours of ridiculous hearings in the Republican-controlled House, but that's what's promised. The nation owes hi
  16. Well I am here and excited to use this new platform.

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