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Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Southern Maine. I teach courses in International Relations, and am the co-director of the Maine Model UN Program. My professional interests include: Thucydides, Critical Security Studies, IR history, qualitative methods, visual IR, whaling, manhunts, & pedagogy. I also post sometimes about cooking, music, Maine, and dogs. My posts are my own, not my employers. Do we still need to say that? Did we ever? Was once described as "more stubborn than gravity." Is still trying to practice kindness on the Internet. Those two facts may be related.

7 Posts

  1. On Day 3 of trying to log into Manuscript Central. Rations are dwindling. Morale is low.
  2. The Virtues of Pamphleteering, and the possibility of Tom Paine as Nielsen ratings gold, or; some grousing, some daydreaming, and a gift to you all.

    I've been working on a project for a while now, and am increasingly coming to realize that the core idea cannot really be truncated into an article-length piece, but does not need to balloon into a monograph either. I'm increasingly realizing that I seem to think in word counts t
  3. This Is Just To Say

    I have stolen the treat bag that you had by your hip and which you were rationing like you thought there was a national cookie shortage. Forgive me. There isn't.
  4. AI, Werner Herzog, and the World Cup

    I asked OpenAI to write a scene in which Werner Herzog was a commentator for a World Cup Match. The first version was promising, and after a little more encouragement, here's what the AI came up with:
  5. I asked OpenAI to write 3 limericks about the Thucydides Trap: Honestly, I've seen worse takes about Thucydides on social media.
  6. Meet Dash

    It's not even 24 hours after his IV chemo, and Dash is already back to exploring. He is making a serious face here, because he wants everyone to take a minute to appreciate how fast the water is flowi
  7. Longfellow & Gull

    Because, honestly, if you have the opportunity to make your first post a picture of a seagull on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's head, then you've got to take it. Right?

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