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Travis Stepro


Learner and Knower of Things

Florida, Zone 9B

Finance guy (ag), runner (sort of), proud owner of the undefeated best good dog, enjoyer of good food and wine, native Hoosier and present Florida man. Not necessarily in that order. (Views are my own)

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  1. Hi all, I’ll periodically be posting on topics related to food, agriculture and sustainability/ESG, if that’s your thing. Also just for fun, perhaps management practices and theory as well, since suppo
  2. I think I broke protocol with this being my second welcome post instead of the first, but in any event, here’s the best good old doggo that rules our roost.
  3. First post, and a Thanksgiving one! Thankful to be on a high-potential platform to replace, um, the other guy’s.

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