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Human rights for all. Straight Ally. My body, my rights. Often a political lurker.  Democrat.  Trigeminal Neuralgia sucks.  She/Her

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  1. Our poor Onyxia dislocated her ankle. At least our vet has a sense of humor.
  2. One of these was a find for our table, the other three can stay at the antique mall for all eternity
  3. And in this corner of the paint—- I mean, World Market, lives a happy little energy drink lives a happy little energy drink…
  4. Our most recent thrift store find. We needed new salt and pepper shakers. I told SO that they had to speak to me. He found these, and they crowed.
  5. Our cute little freeloader
  6. Kupo — 6 weeks growth. From 14 to 36 lbs
  7. Our Nespresso advent calendar had these pods today. My hubs save the day by setting them aside for evening enjoyment. We had our regular espresso this am.
  8. No, I don’t want to get up
  9. Mantle decorating done
  10. The magic is a smoked old fashion
  11. As a woman, I have never once in my life felt threatened by a trans or gay person. But I feel threatened every day by straight male Republicans.
  12. Favorite mugs for two years now
  13. Why drink one shot when you can have two?
  14. Puppers is growing fast. Spoon for scale.

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